Kelvin walked majestically. He was feeling himself. He just had a new hairdo. He styled his big afro and kept a comb in it. He pushed his dark shades back so it fit his eyes well enough. He was going to give suliat a surprise visit. He couldn't wait to see her. He began smiling mischievously at the thought of how she had react to his surprise visit.

He got to suliat's shop. She was frying akara while her young brother sold to a customer. She was sweating so much and when she wiped her head with the back of her hand, her sweat dropped into the frying oil and it came - ssssshhhhhhhh! Now he knew why her akara tasted so well. It was because her essence was in it.

'Suliat, Aya mi!(my wife)', he called

  She looked up from the frying oil and scoffed. 'Ki lo de o? (What is it again)?'

'Ahan,'he smiled. 'Are you still angry with me?'

'I as not anger with you. I doesn't just want and saw you near me', she said as she used a big spoon to drop the akara in a yellow bowl.

Kelvin laughed heartily and winked at her. She kept a straight face but he saw her mouth struggling not to smile and he knew she didn't really mean what he said.

'O n fi mi sako abi?(You are raising your ego, right)', he said and touched her cheeks.

She pushed his hand and burst into laughter. 'Left me o jare.', she cautioned, smiling.

'Oh My God!', he shouted. 'Your smile tantalizes my soul'

There was a sudden scowl on her face. 'Ki nii wi?(What is he saying) Eyin corper gannn(All you corpers) It is a big grammer you say inside your mouth!'

'I mean my words, suliat. How much is the akara?', he asked peering down at the akara through his glasses.

'Five Kobo ni o(Its five kobo only)', she replied

'Okay. Sell Twenty kobo own for me'

She clapped her hands together, laughing. She was much excited about the amount of akara he wanted to buy. She pushed the big spoon against the frying akara and carefully selected the big one. She placed them in an old Newspaper and handed it over to him.

'HOOLALA!', he exclaimed and dug his hands into the newspaper and threw a big brown akara into his mouth. He made a sound of excitement and bent to kiss her ear.

'Ese(Thanks)', she blushed

'Akara yii dun gannn!(This akara is very sweet) Just like you!', he said and threw another into his mouth

She laughed, 'Oya, let me give you kissing'

Just as he wanted to kiss her, he felt very cold water pour on him. He gasped for breath and just then, he realized he had been dreaming!

His friends couldn't stop laughing. He was really angry and sat up straight.

'Really guys, this is not funny!', he mused

'Oh really?,' Jeff said 'You were literarily almost kissing me man! You gay? Like your eyes were shut and you were chewing you mouth and trying to kiss me. Now is that funny?'

'I was asleep!', kelvin tried to defend himself.

'Hahaha. Kissing in your dream?' Timi laughed

'Strange dream though. I dreamt I was some sort of corper. Like I was dressed like all those ancient dudes in the 60's and I had a certain illiterate as a lover. I cant remember her name now. But I remember her selling something. Maybe bean cake or moin - moin and she was sweating. Guys, this lady was ugly like...She couldn't construct a good English sentence to save her life. She had this yellow teeth...'

'And you kissed 'em?', David asked, about to burst into laughter.

'No way! I kissed her dark and dirty ears! Like I was about to kiss her mouth when I woke up!'

When he stopped, he saw his friends on the floor, rolling with laughter. Jeff was almost crying.

'Guy, you funny!', he pointed at him, still laughing.

Ekanem unfolded his hands. 'Guys, stop this. I don't think this sounds funny. I think this dream is saying something'

'Like?', david asked amidst laughter.

'I remember me buying her akara for some twenty kobo or so', kelvin said

'Hmmm', ekanem sighed. 'Twenty kobo... Maybe the dream is saying something. Those where in the days of General Muritala Muhammed. My mom said things were really cheap then. One naira was equivalent to one dollar then. Naira had value'

'Maybe the dream is juxtaposing the present and the past. Maybe its telling us Nigeria needs a change', david chipped in. He was serious now.

'Maybe we need a new General Muritala Muhammed to rise up', jeff added 'And maybe that person is you, kelvin', timi said and they all burst into laughter again.

Kelvin smiled. He didn't see it as funny. He knew the dream was speaking to him. He had once pushed aside his dream of one day ruling Nigeria but now, he might just be the change Nigeria needs - the General Muritala Muhammed Nigerians had always dreamt of...


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