Change is one thing no one likes especially bad change. We always prefer a change we are anticipating not something that comes all of a sudden. And when a sudden change occurs, most people get uptight or uncomfortable or frustrated and they do not know what to do. Many times, Change could become a problem and so many things are affected and so many things collapse.

One change I have had to cope with in my life is the change I am going through right now. I always looked up to being in a new room where we had just be less than six and I get to have the privacy I always wanted. But rather than enjoy my privacy, I realize that I have other unwanted roommates - RATS. All my life, I have never had to live in a room filled with rats.

First of all, I saw a rat exactly under my bed. And then we pursued it away and it went into my wardrobe and feasted on my clothes. Finally, we got rid of it and then, I thought that was the end only for me to have rats trying to enter into my room whenever its around 5am and their noise just disturbs my sleep and I have to jump up and hit the door for them to leave. This experience is really a frustrating experience and it got to a point that I thought I would loose my head.

But then, I sat to think of it. Rather than cry and worry over the situation, why don't I proffer a solution? Then, I calmed my nerves and thought out something. I went out and got four rat gums and a rat poison and kept it in front of my door in the evening. I went to bed with the hope that I wont get disturbed by any rat but around 6am, I woke up to very strange noises. I was so scared and then I heard people gathering in front of my door with lamps and starring at the rats and murmuring.

I got up and opened the window and called out to one of the passer by and she informed me that there were about two rats caught in the rat gum. With her help, I got out of the room and to my surprise, two rats were in the rat trap and one was so VERY BIG! The cleaner came and packed it and threw it away. I was excited that the rat gum caught the rat and now, I know what to do every night. Its more better than complaining over a situation that might never change.

I have a friend that doesn't like the fact that she would have to meet new people every year. In our hostel, some people get to leave either because they are graduates already or because they want to move to the school hostel. Therefore, new and mostly fresh students would have to come to the hostel. This really pisses her off and because of this change, it results into anger and so many fresh just think she's the proud sort but they fail to realize that its her nature and this might create a little problem for her.

Change is something no one really likes but if it happens, it would be better if we think out solutions rather than worry over the changing or already changed situation because many times, there is little or nothing we can do about it. It might be change in our workplace or marriage or family or friends or health etc.

Change is a permanent course. We should therefore always expect change so that we would be less surprised when it occurs. With this mind-set, we would be able think out solutions with the help of God.

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