I jammed the door behind me and locked it. I didn't want any disturbance. I didn't need it. How could he be asking my Head girl out? Wasn't I good enough for him? I would have preferred if it was someone I wasn't familiar with not my head girl. Tears flowed freely from my eyes and I stuck my head in between my legs. This is the best time to end this relationship, I thought to myself.

I reached out for my school bag and emptied it. My books scattered on my bed and I searched for my phone. I found it just beside my lip gloss. His contact was always the first on my phone so it was easy dialling it.

As the phone rang, my heart started beating hard. It always beat hard whenever I called him. I just wondered why. Perhaps, I was scared of him for no particular reason. He picked it at last.

   ' My love', he said
   That melted my heart but I was more than determined to end it all,

  ' David you...like I was told that...never mind'

I hung up immediately and threw my phone on my bed. I screamed so hard. I just wanted to end my life. I couldn't just tell him. I was too scared to tell him. I was too scared to be alone. He called back again and again and again but I didn't pick. I just kept crying and I  finally switched my phone off.


Dinner was Spaghetti and Sauce. Mom served everyone and no one said a word. I was glad no one bothered to say anything though. I had lost my appetite but I just had to force myself to try and eat. I dug my fork into the spaghetti and pushed it into my mouth. It seemed tasteless. Streams of thoughts kept coming back and I tried hard to focus and eat.

   ' Jess, when are you writing your WAEC?', my dad asked.

I didn't bother looking up. 'June', I said

   ' I'm sure you must be prepared by now because this is April already.'

I wished he didn't ask me that question.

I swallowed. 'Yes, sir'

   'That's good. I need you to have at least 5 A's. You need it to get a good course in the University. Admission is very tight in the country right now. Do you understand?'

    'Yes, sir', I said.

My dad is a very disciplined man and as disciplined and strict as he is, he never suspected I had a boyfriend. He would obviously kill me. He had done a lot for I and my younger brother and all he ever wanted from us was good grades. He often told us of how he graduated from school with a first class because he was focused and didn't get distracted by women or parties or drinks. That was what he wanted from us. That kind of life where you have first class but never live a first class. Most of his friends were big men in the country already but we were living an average life because he wont compromise. I didn't want that kind of life.

It was bed time. We said our prayers and everyone went to bed. I took out my Physics textbook and tried to see if I could get anything into my head but nothing was entering. I was just so sad. I put on my phone and checked my notifications. David had called twelve times already. I was glad he called. I was glad it was looking like he wanted me and loved me but I refused to call back. I didn't want to look desperate. I logged on to my facebook and checked my notifications. He liked my head girl's profile picture on facebook. That was just the bomb!

David had never ever liked any of my pictures on Facebook. This was a confirmation of what Emmanuel had said. I tried very hard to fight back the tears that were trying to pour out of my eyes. I called him immediately.

   'Whats up, Jess?', he said

   ' Its over!', I managed to say.

   'You're joking right?', he asked, almost laughing.

   'I am serious! You think I would never know? You are asking my head girl out and just minuites back, you liked her picture on facebook. Am I dumb?' I was shouting already

   ' Jess, calm down and tell me who told you that lie.'

   ' There is no need. I hate you and I don't wanna ever speak with you again! Block me on facebook and whatsapp and don't ever call me again!'

I hung up immediately and fell on my bed. I covered my mouth with my hand so that no one could hear I was crying. I felt nothing but hatred for him at that moment. At the same time, it felt like I was all alone in the world. I let the tears flow freely and I didn't realize when I dozed off


I heard my name again and I woke up. My mom had been banging my door and screaming my name all the time.

    'Yes mom?', I answered

    'Get dressed and come get me something from the market!', she shouted

    'Okay, mom', I said.

My phone vibrated and I checked it. Perhaps it was one of those MTN funny messages. Actually, it was a message from david. My heart began to pound fast again. I felt reluctant to check it. I closed my eyes and opened it. After some seconds, I opened my left eye and then my right eye. It read -

  ' Life used to be meaningless before I met you. Like my world revolved around nothing
    before I knew you. The first day I saw you at the mall, I felt like you were the girl I was
    waiting for. The missing puzzle that completes me. And your smile and eyes? They gave
    me life. I wouldn't have wished for anything better. I wouldn't have asked for any other girl
    You are all I needed. You are all I need. I might not be the perfect guy but I would always
    strive to be perfect for only you. Jess, you are my world. I know its being 6 months since
    I told you this but I love you. I do love you and am sorry if I made you cry. I was joking
    about the whole thing with your head girl. I love you so much and I don't want you to leave me.
    Please think about this. I promise to be the best I can be. I love you and I wish you the best as
    you study for your exam. Please don't go. Call me if you still want us back. From David.'

I read the message ten more times. I don't know why but there was a U - curve on my lips...

(to be continued...)

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