A drop of tears fell from my eyes and my lips shook. I was in deep mess. My father must never get to know that I lied to me him about this school lesson stuff. He would kill me. At the same time, Joseph was just an irritating piece of shit. How would I strip for him?

    ' Still thinking about it?', Joseph asked and winked at me. He noticed the tears in my eyes and gave me a pitiful look. 'Common, Jess. You don't have to cry. You're not a little girl. You are in SSS3. And I am very sure I am not the first guy to see you naked'

I just couldn't bear it. I broke into tears. I was also hoping he had pity me and allow me leave. I should have known better.

    ' When you are done crying, come into my shop. If you leave, 'he raised his phone into the air 'your dad's number is just a dial away', he said and walked into his shop, laughing hard.

I covered my mouth with my hands. I couldn't believe this was happening. I couldn't believe Joseph had betray me one day. I wanted to run away but yet, my father must still not know about this. I cleaned my eyes and walked to his shop. My legs were shaking and my lips were shaking too and my eyes were filled with tears.

The shop was quite dark and really really dirty. There were all kind of tool and equipment there and it smelt really bad. I looked around and Joseph wasn't in sight. I was about to turn to leave when the door closed all of a sudden. Fear shook me hard and I turned back immediately. Joseph stood by the door. He smiled and locked it. My heart was racing really fast now and catarrh flowed freely from my nose. He began walking towards me and I walked back.

    'Joseph please', I begged

He smiled sheepishly and licked his lips. This wasn't the Joseph I knew. It was like a monster had taken over him. He kept walking towards me and I kept walking back till my leg hit something hard. I turned back and it was a broken car door. Behind it was a wall. There was nowhere to run to.

    'You can run into the wall, my lady', he said and laughed.

   I was crying hard already. 'Joseph, my dad trusts you', I said

    ' I trust him too. You are a big girl. I don't know why you are crying', he said and walked towards me.

He was about to hold me but I pushed him and tried to run but he was faster. He grabbed me hard and gave me a very hard and dirty slap. I cried and struggled hard. I used all the strength I had but he was stronger. He took a white stuff and poured it on my face and my sight became really blurry. I felt too weak and when I looked at his face, he had a wicked smile. I tried to scream but then, I slept off.

(...to be continued...)

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