Excitedly, I ran to meet my mom. She told me to get her a packet of salt and maggi from the local store. I gladly went to get them. This is a typical me whenever david sends me all his sweet messages after doing something wrong. He always had his way of getting me back. On my way back, I heard someone call my name. I knew it would be joseph, the mechanic. I didn't bother looking back and as I walked, he ran to meet me.

    ' Jess baby, are we fighting?', he asked

I turned around and eyed him. He smelt of petrol as usual and this just irritated me.

    ' How many times do I have to tell you to stop pestering me, joseph? Don't you understand English again?', I asked and hissed

He laughed hysterically. ' Jess, is it because of that small boy that you are running your mouth like this?'

I clapped my hands and planted them on my hips. ' Tell me something', I said

    ' I love you', he said and before I could control my hands, they landed on his face.

He held his face and staggered back. His face was really hard and my hands hurt.

    ' Next time you tell me that rubbish, you wont like what I will do. Nonsense!', I said and walked away.

My heart was beating really fast but I had to pretend like I wasn't scared and I increased my pace. I got home quickly and dropped the salt and maggi in the kitchen and ran to my room to have a chat with david. He had sent a new message already. I smiled.

    'David has changed', I said to myself and silently thanked God.

I opened the message

    ' The stars are such a nice sight at night but I see them every morning whenever I look into your eyes and they are even prettier in your cute eyes. I wish to see them tomorrow again. My dad is coming to your area to do some things and I am coming with him. Why don't we hang out?'

I was so glad and hastily replied. I and david have only gone out once since we started dating and going out again wasn't such a bad idea. We agreed to hang out by 6pm. We would meet at the bus-stop. I went to bed dreaming and imagining how tomorrow had look like. I couldn't just wait.


I sat beside the alarm clock waiting patiently for 6pm. I made sure I had done all my house chores so mom and dad would have no reason to tell me to wait back. Alas! the alarm rang! It was 6pm! I straightened my school skirt and hung my bag around my neck and ran down stairs.

   ' Young lady, where to?', my dad asked as I was about opening the door.

   ' WAEC Lesson', I lied

   ' I thought you said the principal cancelled it last month?', my mom said and my heart began to race.

   I quickly thought out a lie. ' Yes, mom. She organized a new lesson for some of us that are bad in Chemistry and Biology'

    ' Oh, great one. You should have told us earlier. Are we to pay for it?', my dad asked

I scratched my head. I should say no but then, I needed some cash. ' Yes, sir. Its just 7,000 naira'

    ' Okay', my dad said and checked his wallet for some cash. I was so excited but I tried to control myself. This was all working perfectly well.

    'Let me even call your principal to thank her for a job well done as per organizing this lesson', my mom said and I thought my heart missed a beat. I was in a big mess!

    ' No mom!', I screamed. 'Like she said she doesn't like people calling her to thank her and...'

    'Her phone is ringing', my mom said, ignoring what I was saying.

My heart was racing too fast already and I felt blood gathering in my head. My hands were shaking already.

    ' Hello Ma', my mom said. My principal had picked the phone and my dad signalled for me to come collect the 7,000 naira. I walked briskly and fear shook me hard and tears began gathering in my eyes. 'This is Jessica Ibitayo's mother...I am fine, ma...I am calling to...hello?...helloooooo?...can you hear me?...are you there ma?...' She hung up and faced my dad. 'Bad Network'

This moment felt like a heavy truck had just been removed from my head. I sighed and said a word of thanks to God.

    ' Hurry so you don't miss out', my dad said and I rushed out of the house. I jumped with excitement as I hurried out of the gate. I was all smiles and very excited! I needed to change to new clothes from my school uniform. I needed to change at Joseph's shop. That was the only option but I slapped Joseph yesterday and I was sure he was almost not going to forgive me.

Joseph loved me so he might just forgive me, I said to myself and walked to his shop. He just finished attending to a customer. He wore his usual black and dirty singlet. I was irritated already but I just had to fake a smile. He frowned immediately he saw me.

    ' Hi', I said

    ' What do you want?', he asked and eyed me.

    ' First of all, I am so sorry for what I did yesterday. I was too quick to react. Secondly, I need your help. I wanna change from my school uniform to another cloth'

He surveyed me and laughed.

    ' What makes you think I will help you?', he asked

    ' Because it is me, Jess. You love me and you will obviously help me', I told him

He smiled.

    ' Of course I do love you. Well, on one condition. I wanna see you naked and then, you change and leave'

I thought I didn't hear well. Joseph is a pig!

    ' Are you out of your mind????', I screamed. ' You deserve another slap, you fool!', I said and turned to leave.

    ' Are you leaving, Jess?', he teased. He just irritated me! ' If you don't show me your naked body, I will tell your dad that you are not going to school. Instead, you are going somewhere else'

I turned to look at him immediately. My eyes were red already. Joseph had gained my dad's trust after saving him from some hired assassins and my dad believes every single word he says.

    ' Jo...Joseph, this is blackmail'. My voice was very low now.

    ' I like blackmails, my dear lady', he said and bit his lips.

A drop of tears fell from my eyes and my lips shook. I was in deep mess!

(...to be continued...)

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