Assuredly, I will write on this Homosexual issue in a later article. For now, I want us to remember a Gospel Singer called Ray Boltz. Many of us grew up listening to his song even if we never knew his name per se. I remember when my parents took me to a new church back in Lagos. It was a really really big and beautiful Church. You know Lagos has so many big and beautiful Churches. I was excited to be in my new pre - teens class. They had a particular tradition of singing an anthem before the commencement of the class. The anthem read -

   ' I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
     with all my heart
     with all my strength
     I will seek to obey His command
     I pledge allegiance to the lamb'

I really liked the song and when I got back home, my curiosity made me google the lyrics to get the person that sang or composed such an amazing song. It was Ray Boltz! I also got the video from a friend. If you listen and pay attention to details, you will notice that the song is a really very deep song that carries heavy meaning. Even the video is deep and one had just think that Ray Boltz is one Christian that would lead the end - time mission.

To my surprise, years later, I googled this man and got the shock of my life. Ray Boltz announced that he was gay! Its not a new news. He actually came out as gay in 2003. At that time, there were lots of controversies following the issue but years after, the issue has died down.

I was just thinking of it earlier today and I just began to wonder what could be the reason why a man who sang a song where he pledged allegiance to God alone just turn to a gay person - a homosexual - for no particular reason.

I'm beginning to think that the song has another meaning or there is more to the song than we actually are yet to discover. The song was released in perhaps 1980 - something or 1960 - something but whenever it was released, so many things must have happened from that time till now. Why didn't he discover he was gay then. Why now? His coming out really affected so many weak Christian's faith and perhaps, people who were almost delivered from such impression must have gone back and seen nothing bad in been gay.

However, my Bible makes me to know that homosexualism is an abomination before God and they can NEVER make Heaven. Homosexualism is a free ticket to hell. Why would a man who used to be passionate about God just turn and wanna follow the devil? This just makes me think and see how far the devil has been working.

I know its an almost forgotten issue but I beg we all put Ray Boltz in our prayers. Lets start praying for him and if we have already started, lets not cease praying. No one is above conversion as long as the person is still on this earth. Ray Boltz can still change and miss hell.

Lets start praying for him and other Christians who have compromised the faith or are about to do so. God bless you!

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