Okay guys. A saying says 'the poorest man in the world is the man that is deficient of ideas'. The fact that you aren't wealthy doesn't mean you are poor. It only indicates that you are either yet to put your idea to work or the result of your idea is yet to manifest. However, if you are someone who has no ideas whatsoever, then you can be called a poor person if not, you are one idea away from your success.

In Idea Party Section, we get to discuss potential ideas - either innovative or invented. This would give everyone the opportunity to put these ideas into use or develop and upgrade them. Your comments and suggestions are highly welcome. If you know you have a lot of ideas you wont be able to initiate, kindly share with everyone. Someone might just be looking for that idea for their personal breakthrough.

I have an idea I wanna share with everyone. No idea is too small. This idea is one that has been thought out by many people and implemented by few people but many fail to realize that there actually is money in this business.

My Idea bothers around HOME - CLEANING Service.

There are so many people in Nigeria and all over the world that need this service. There are so many working class people that find it very hard to take care of their homes. Imagine a situation whereby the husband works in a bank and the wife works in a bank too and their kids are in crèche. Who then will take care of the house? So many people do not like the idea of getting a house maid anymore but then, they need their houses to look very clean when they get back home. Not just homes, but small offices that cannot afford cleaners, student hostels etc. The availability of a home cleaning service would be seriously embraced my many.

You could just set up a home-cleaning service made up of 6 people- 3 girls and 3 guys and you do your packaging and marketing. You don't need an office to start this. Just a little money to buy your equipments or some people had prefer you use their own facilities for the cleaning. Whenever you are called, you go with your group and do a thorough house cleaning and you get your instant payment.

Another strategy is getting a uniform t-shirt for everyone on your team and make sure all your teammates are trust worthy. They must be able to maintain the integrity of your home cleaning company. They must not steal anything found in people's houses and they must be very truthful. As the business grows, you employ even more people and you become the biggest home cleaning service in Nigeria or your own country.

Hope you like this idea! Remember, no idea is too small. Do share with others and also, lets get to know your own ideas too!

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