Who am I? What is my Purpose or should I say...How do I discover Purpose? Why do I sometimes feel that there is only one person who is exactly like me in thinking, reasoning and acting...which I think that person is only Me. Why do I many times feel like am all alone in this big world that seems filled with robots controlled by a supernatural remote but with a blue button which states 'freewill' and 'choice'. Well, maybe because all of my thoughts depends on my mind set and I guess my mind set is 90% correct...I mean most of the things I know and I have come to accept are 90% true.

Everything and Everyone around me have become tools to teach me important life lessons everyday. No matter how old you are, you keep learning...this is a popular knowledge but many still don't practically understand this. Well, I have realized that no matter how old you are, you could still learn important life lessons from people and things that are younger and seem lesser than you.

Howbeit that a man and a woman get married and live together for up to 40 years, have kids and have grand kids and have grey hair and are waiting patiently for when either of them would leave to the world beyond and the old man comes to discover that his old woman prefers little or no onions in all of her meals and he's perplexed

  'You really never liked Onions?'
   'You never knew? After all these years?'
   'Well, you always had them much in my meal. I couldn't have known'
   'That's because the doctor insisted on much Onions as a supplement in your meals! And that was just 10 years ago! Before then, I never had so much onions in either of our food!'

In a world where we are strangers to ourselves and known by only one person. One person who watches all of our daily activities. One person who monitors every of our thoughts and takes note of all our idle talks. One who sits day and night and watches and protects and preserves and makes sure we don't miss our breath for a second...who makes sure our heart doesn't miss a single beat for just half a second. One who loves us passionately but is not known by many. Some call Him the 'Unknown God'. I call Him 'The Owner of the Universe'. Not known by many but known to all.

Hi, My Name is Emete. I am glad you are reading this because you would be glad to read many of my posts for a very long time. I am also glad to pour out the contents of my mind to you. You had begin to wonder...'oh, we actually think alike. I thought I was the only one in the world who ever thought about this or that'. LOL' My blog promises to be fun! Wait on my next post! Anticipate! Before then, have a great day and live to please God ALONE! Love you!

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