My mom has always cautioned me on my reckless spending. I am someone who doesn't know how to save or spend money. I remember my mom giving me a book to read when I was much younger. The book was about saving money as a child so as to become a millionaire before adulthood but I didn't bother reading it. I found it rather boring. In JSS1, my dad began giving I and my sister, pocket money. My pocket money was 1,000 Naira a month while that of my sister was 3,000 Naira a month.

My sister always planned ahead. She knew just how she would spend her money and she always spent it on things that would always benefit her but me? Iya Rofiat (Rofiat's Mother), who owned a shop beside our house knew me very well because I was her good customer. I would buy biscuits and lots of sweets and chocolates and Viju Milk and my money had develop wings and fly within a week or two.

My parents kept complaining about my reckless spending but I just didn't see anything in it. I began seeing something in it when I travelled to Abeokuta to do my Cambridge A'Level. I was far away from home. Far away from my parents and sister and brothers. I was all alone with new people. I had a tough time managing my money and my money always finished within two or three days and then, I would go really broke and rely on my roommates for food.

It was a really bad time and then, I got into the University and it was the toughest. I began to pray to God to help me. Money Management was a big problem for me and a point of concern and I was always so broke throughout my 100 level days but trust me not to make it obvious but inside me, hunger dey flog me. And then 200 level, I began managing my money little by little but little wasn't enough. I was always calling home and my parents kept complaining.

But then, something happened at home. My dad is one person that believes in assets rather than cash. He began a new project and this began consuming the entire money at home. It was so bad that it totally affected my pocket money and when I tried calling home for money, they had ignore my calls. No one told me before I began learning how to manage my money.

I began planning. I gave myself a new rule. For every money that comes in, there is a purpose attached to it even if its 5 Naira. I made a scale of preference and then I looked into my expenses. What are the things eating up my money? Some of them were

. Taking drop on campus.
. Buying 'ijekuje' like biscuits, sweets etc
. Dashing some friends money so as to be Miss Nice
. Buying unnecessary things
. Not Cooking
. Buying what I want rather than what I need

I noticed that I hardly cooked and so buying food at the canteen seriously took my money. Rather than take drops, I began trekking and I stopped playing Miss Nice because those friends always disappeared whenever I got broke. I also minimized buying coke, yoghurt, biscuits etc and I began saving enough money. Also, I stopped buying what I want instead, I always buy what I need. I want a new gown I saw at a boutique but I don't need it. So, I had just close my eyes to it. I could spend just a thousand naira a week and even now, since I cook almost all the time, I can spend just 200 Naira a week and I save even more.

It was quite hard for me but I just had to learn the tough way. Sometimes, we might not change some habits except we learn the hard way. As they say, experience is the best teacher. I would be able to give a better advise to a lavish spender because I was once there before.

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