If you are in Nigeria right now and you do not know that the country is in one of its most trying moments, then you must be living in the 5th century. Almost everything is crashing. Dollar is crashing. Real Estate is crashing. Crude Oil as a source of income is crashing. The country itself is almost crashing. We have never in the history of this country experienced a period like this. NEVER!

Let me make you understand the situation of the country right now if you think people are exaggerating the situation.

. Boko Haram is still attacking the north and thousands of Nigerians have been rendered homeless

. Dollar has suddenly become a currency of no value. If I am correct, as at now, a dollar is equivalent to almost 400 naira. That's pathetic!

. Lassa Fever has come to pay Nigeria a visit. As at 2015, Ebola visited the country and because of the love of God, it was eradicated. Now, Lassa came from nowhere and the house rats that used to be co - tenants with us have suddenly become harmful. Last time, it was monkey. We hope cockroaches wont become pests too

. Nigeria is fighting hard to prevent the zika virus that is prevalent in other countries from coming into the country

. The East is asking for a break from Nigeria. Though the Biafran leader has been arrested, we are not sure the spirit of biafra has gone down . Crude Oil has finally crashed. America used to be our best bet in Crude Oil purchase but now, they have removed their hands and Nigeria is stuck!

. The country is in grave debt.

. Most Money Markets and potential investment markets are crashing.

. Our politians are children. Don't wonder what I just wrote but I mean what I just wrote. The country is in deep mess and our politicians and leaders still have guts to be fighting with one another and looking at their parties as superior to the other rather than working in unison.

With these problems, so many Nigerians are suffering. Things are so expensive and it has gotten so bad that even the foetus in the belly is affected because its mom cant eat so much because things are so expensive. LIKE REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE.

However, one man's poison could be another man's food. We need to wake up as Nigerians and take advantage of the situation in a way that it would become of betterment to the country and ourselves. IT GO BETTER!

Amu Oluwaseyi, a 300 level student of Economics in the University of Ibadan is one student that has decided to take advantage of the situation. She has decided to go back to our roots - farming. She is a cat fish farmer.

According to her, she got the inspiration while reading her GES Textbook and has decided to act according to her dream and vision and become the best exporter of Cat fish. I tell you, this is a big one. There are not so many people into such in Nigeria and if she keeps well at it, she had just become a billionaire from her supplies. The government has decided to look into the agricultural sector and they are giving those who are ready to go back to farm grants and funds.

Monopoly is what built Dangote. If Amu keeps at it, her business could be monopolized and she would not only add value to Nigeria and Nigerians but benefit from the situation. She is an inspiration and a call to work!

 Nigerians have to wake up and rather than complain about the current situation and wait for a dollar to be equal to a thousand naira, we could simply proffer solutions to the problem at hand. The Government would be ready to listen to anyone who has a solution - providing business.

Amu Oluwaseyi is a young entrepreneur who is a potential billionaire. What about you? Why not stop complaining and start work! Going back to the farm isn't such a bad idea anymore...

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