I and my wife, Sheila Badmus now known as Sheila Andar got married yesterday. It was a really really big wedding. It was the talk of the town and we all felt on top of the world because it was all like a big dream come true. I looked at my wife and saw how happy she was. She was overly excited and when she looked at me, she assumed I was as happy but hey, I was busy calculating the amount of millions we invested into this wedding and am still yet to calculate the amount I spent on the bride price.

I know so many of you are judging me right now like hey dude, its your wedding and that should be the last thing on your mind but ngwa, these hundreds of people celebrating with us wont be there when I would have to sit to think of paying back the loan I borrowed to sponsor my wedding. Yes, I took a loan from my office and two other banks and thanks to my dear wife that insisted we have a big wedding.

   'Oh, my friends are going to be coming from all over the country. They all expect the best from me. Its our big day and we cant afford to spend less'

This was all she kept ranting into my almost blocked ears when we were planning the wedding and all my explanations fell on deaf ears. We finally had our 'big wedding' and we are back to square one. Our dear Mrs Andar is in the room waiting for us to conclude on the location of our honeymoon but am not in the mood to talk or argue about that because after the stress of the wedding, she insisted we 'did it' that same night and am like 'Madam, am tired' but she cant see nothing from any other person's view.

   'Its our wedding night and I have never heard any man tell his wife he's tired on this great night. Its something we have waited for all our lives!'

That last statement almost killed me! Waited for all our lives? Guys, I and Sheila have been having sex before we got married so what then have we been waiting for all our lives? Women and pretense though. Not like she was a virgin when we first did it...


Yesterday was the best day of my life!!! God, I wish yesterday could repeat itself a million times! You wont believe every radio station were talking about it! It was just so beautiful! Trust me, I had ultimate fun and I danced my brains out. My wedding dress was imported from UK. My shoes were imported from the States and I had the best make - up artist do my make - over. I felt on top of the world! And my husband too was extremely happy! I looked into his eyes and he was so loved up. I bless God for finally bringing my dreams of a fairytale wedding to reality.

After the whole paparazzi which I will never forget, we had an after party with the groomsmen and my wonderful bridesmaid but my husband was no where to be found. Perhaps he was busy sorting stuffs out jare. It was much fun and I drank my life out. Yes, I drank but I was sure not to get drunk though. I am married now and there are some bad habits I have to drop like drinking. Emeka Andar, my husband, doesn't know I drink though.

Around 11:30pm, everyone had gone and the time was nigh! I rushed to the bathroom to change to my sexy night gown. Trust me, it was really sexy and I was sure emeka would never resist me. When I got into the room, he was almost going to bed. Like really? I had to remind him that it was time.

   'Honey, I'm tired, You know we had killer fun last night and we are all exhausted and...'

   'Baby, maybe you are exhausted but as you can see, I am not exhausted', I interrupted

   'Sweetheart, I really ...'

   'Baby, what's all these about? Its our wedding night and I have never heard any man say he's tired on this great night. Its something we have waited for all our lives!'

Like I said something wrong, there was a cynical look on his face. I am just still wondering why he ever said he was tired. Where was that coming from anyway? He looked like he wasn't ready for any of it but trust me, I wont take any of that.

I wanted to help him unbutton but he refused. Well, I unbuttoned sexily but he wasn't even looking my direction. What's actually wrong with this guy though? My people, have you ever had of crash? Like when they say crash program or something? This one was a crash sex. I didn't need to look at the time for me to realize that it all happened in less than 5 minutes. I felt like filth. Did this just happen? This is the wedding night I have been dreaming of all my life and all happened in about 3 minutes? Like that was not enough, he gave me a strange look and said

   ' Sheila, last time we did this thing was two months ago and ngwa, your thing wasn't looking like a borehole'

With that, he went to bed. I don't need to tell you how much I wept that night...

( be continued...)

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