If there is anything I always looked up to experiencing is my honeymoon. As a little child, I dreamt of having my honeymoon with my wife in Calabar. My uncle lives in Calabar and every Christmas, he would come down to Lagos to pick I and my sister. We would travel to Calabar and I tell you, there are so many really nice places in Calabar. Talk about the Tinapa Lakeside Resort or the Marina Resort or even the Calabar Museum and then, the Summit Hills is one of its kind. Calabar is surely a sure go.

The only problem is how I would communicate this to and with my wife without springing up any arguments. Sheila is the fun type and I know Nigeria is going to be a No - No for her but it has to be a Yes - Yes for her now considering the fact that my bank account is close to reading red. Well, I am the head of the house and she just has to submit to many of my decisions. I have the final say.

I took a deep breath as I entered into the room. Sheila was still on bed. I climbed the bed and sat beside her. She shifted a little. I wonder why she's still angry. Oh! That stuff I said last night. Well, *scratching my head*, I didn't mean to let it out. It was almost like a slip of tongue. At the same time, I felt glad that I said it still.

   'Sheila, I have decided the location of our honeymoon. You know so many couples nowadays prefer travelling out of the country and all but I think its high time we start appreciating what we have in our country. That's the best way we can start building our nation. After a long thought, I concluded on Calabar', I said and she looked at me.

   'Calabar?', she asked.

I shrugged. 'Yes, dear. Sweetheart, Calabar is a really nice place and...'

   'And what would I tell my friends, Emeka?', she asked. Her voice was really loud now. Trouble was looming already. Besides, what has her friends got to do with this anyway?

   'And what about your friends?', I asked

   'And what about them, Emeka?', she laughed sarcastically. 'Emeka, you just sat down and took a decision as important as this on your own. Why then are we married?'

   'Well, you have the right to suggest any other place, Sheila. But before you do that, consider my pocket', I reminded her.

   'You told my parents that we were going to travel out of the country to either London or China. So how does Calabar come in?'

That's why I hate promises. Well, I didn't promise her parents anyway.

   'That was...that was just some off statements, Sheila. We spent and over spent a lot during our wedding and things have changed'


   'See, that's why I didn't even want to tell you in the first place. You know nothing than spark arguments. Cant you just agree to an idea for a second?'

She laughed and covered her face with her hands. I wasn't sure if she was about to cry or something. I just cant fathom why she's been so uptight. She is the major cause of this whole thing and now she's making it look like I am some bad dude.

   'I am not going to Calabar, Emeka.', she finally said

This just got me mad.

   'So where do you want to go, madam? And with whose credit card will you use to pay for your flight, feeding and hotel?', I asked angrily.

I expected an answer. Instead, she stood up and walked out.

   'Are you walking out on me?', I asked angrily.

   'I am not going to Calabar and its final!', she shouted and jammed the door behind her.


Last night was just so terrible for me, guys. I always looked up to getting married one day to the love of my life. Emeka used to be a very sweet guy. He used to be very loving. He never for once said any hurtful word to me *cleaning my eyes*. I cant believe I cried myself to bed. This just seems like a dream to me.

Waking up, Emeka wasn't on the bed. I didn't even have the strength to start looking for anyone. He should be somewhere in the house. I was just almost full of regrets and anger and unforgiveness was looming in my heart already. I know I should get up and make breakfast but I'm not in the mood and what happened to romantic breakfast in bed? Emeka should be the one to make breakfast today not me.

The door slowly opened and Emeka walked in. Perhaps he came to apologize to me. I was ready to spill out my anger. I swallowed as he climbed the bed and sat beside me.

   'Sheila, I have decided the location of our honeymoon', he said.

Oh! Honeymoon things right? Newest way of making it up to your wife. Just fine but not so romantic. Let me just hear where he wants to bribe me to. London, Dubai or China?

   '...after a long thought, I concluded on Calabar', he finally said and I thought I didn't hear well. I just had to look at him to be really sure he wasn't joking.

   'Calabar?', I asked to be really sure and he concurred.

This was not happening. Like it was not just happening. Of all places in the world, NIGERIA! And then, CALABAR! Who in this 21st century still does their honeymoon in their own country? Emeka was just impossible! What then would I tell my friends? - Tiwa and Ada? Tiwa spent her honeymoon at Dubai while Ada spent hers at America. What will I even tell my single friend, Lola? She's one person that is patiently waiting for me to gist her about my honeymoon. I had to let Emeka realize this but he wasn't even interested.

This is not the kind of life I planned to live when I marry. God knows if I stay just a second more, I will scream my head out. I just had to walk out on him.

    'Are you walking out on me?', he asked

This question just vexed me.

    ' I am not going to calabar and its final!', I shouted and jammed the door behind me.

( be continued...)

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