Hi, guys!

Thanks for keeping it locked down on my Blog! God bless you all!

Ok. This is a very new blog and its gonna be a month old in two weeks. And I've been getting much kudos. Thanks to everyone that have commented and those that will still comment. *WINKS*

Someone asked me yesterday the main focus of this blog. Well, as the name says, its all about me delivering to the world everything that comes to my mind. Yes, I mean everything. I might think of food and then a particular kind of dance or the government or myself or a movie or a book or anything. Everything is in a bid to connect us back to God.

So, this is a Christian blog and Christian blogs are not boring. Just stick to this blog and get all the fun you want!

I like to announce that a new story series would be coming up later today titled 'MR AND MRS ANDAR'. This is one story you don't wanna miss for anything!

It centres on the life of a newly wedded couple and opens and exposes what marriage really is and why many people wanna rush in and many people wanna rush out. It promises to be insightful, hilarious and much fun. So, send me your comments and let me know what you think about each series!

I hope you are enjoying the present series titles 'ENDURING A LONELY AND BROKEN RELATIONSHIP'.

So, see you soon!

God bless you!

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