Music has a way of connecting the soul. Music has a strong influence on the human mind. It could uplift you or bring your total mood down but in all, Music has proven to be a good health supplement. Glowreeyah Braimah, a Nigerian Gospel artiste, was interviewed on AIT Station in a Program and she spoke about how a child was ill and wanted to do a surgery or so and insisted Glowreeyah's hit single 'Miracle Worker' be played during the process. That's some emotional sort right there.

The kind of music we listen to is absolutely important because music could either make or break us. In a relationship, the boy tells the girl that his favourite song is the Titanic Theme song by Celine Dion. The girl goes home constantly listening to it and few weeks after they break up, she doesn't wanna listen to it any longer. Why? Its because it would bring back memories.

Music has been proven to be one of the greatest influence on the human soul. A person can be possessed just by listening to a satanic son with obviously satanic lyrics. One thing to pin point when listening to songs is the lyrics. What is the song saying? What message is the musician trying to pass across? Some songs may sound harmless but if you listen deeply, its trying to take over your soul and your person.

When I was younger, there was a particular song that was reigning in Nigeria back then. It was sung by an artist called '9ice'. I so much loved the song and sang it all day long while paying little or no attention to the lyrics. The song was sang mostly in Yoruba dialect and I didn't really understand Yoruba much then. When I was a bit older, I began singing the song and stopped at a particular part that said

    'Ma fi iku sere' (I will use death to play)

Weird right? But that's what I had been confessing all these while unknown to me while nodding to the rhymthm. I began to reject such. in 100 level at the University Of Ibadan, I had a particular room mate that kept a particular song constantly on repeat. I decided to listen to the lyrics and the singer was saying

    'I am a sad girl...I am a saaaad girl'

REALLY? My room mate is a very happy person by nature and so I wondered why that was her favourite song. I noticed that whenever she listened to it, she became a bit paranoid sometimes or uptight.

Lets pay more attention to the kind of songs we listen to even if its from our favourite artistes. Lets listen closely to the lyrics before putting it in our favourite list. I compiled a list of my 5 best gospel artistes in Nigeria that many of you may not know. I tell you, in few years to come, these 5 young peeps would take over because they are heavily loaded and absolutely blessed!


This girl is absolutely amazing. She has the most amazing voice you will ever hear and aside from that, she is a good Christian. All of her songs have deep and wonderful lyrics that would take you to the highest point of praise and worship (Tehilah) and would assuredly strengthen your relationship with God. Her songs include

. Praise the Lord
. I give my heart
. E go better
. Secured

I remember singing the lyrics of 'I give my heart' in school when I was praying. Such a deep song! Please download her songs. You can reach her on

INSTAGRAM - @blerisa
TWITTER - @Blerisa
YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Officialblerisa


I so much love this strong lady. She once contested in a Gospel competition and won. That's to tell you how good vocally she is. All her songs are strong hits and are popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria. She is noted for mixing English and Igbo dialect in her songs. I tell you, her song will uplift your spirit! Some of her songs include

. We go make am
. Ogaranya
. Feel alright

Please download her songs from google. You can reach her on


3. Emizon

He is the Nigerian Lecrae. I listened to his rap lyrics and they were absolutely awesome and connects you back to God. He knows how to play well with words, put you in a good mood, get you nodding but relaying the message God sent him to deliver. He is absolutely blessed. One of his songs is

. Stand under the rain (ft blerisa)

4. Oche

He is such a great guy and he was introduced to me by one of the greatest gospel producers in Nigeria, Mr Wols. When I heard his song, I was baffled by his sincerity. He was able to play well with words and yet pass his message. He is not a rapper like emizon but sings very well. In his recent song, he delivers his song in form of a letter to God and it came out very well. Please download his song.

. Dear God

You can reach him on



Emete is one great young person blessed and favoured by God. I am happy its me. And yes, I am a gospel singer too! When I record my first song, I will let you guys know. Just anticipate! To God be all the Glory. I never knew how to sing before but at a young age, I cried to God for the talent and He answered. I was intrigued by Celine Dion and Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. I wanted to sing love songs but God said 'No No No. I gave you this talent and you will use it to glorify me!' I am glad I chose to glorify His name. I want people to be blessed, lifted and most importantly, connect back to the maker when they listen to my song.

You can reach me on


TWITTER - @grasweeter1

INSTAGRAM - @grasweeter


So, that's it. Make sure you download their songs and give me feedback! God bless you!

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