I used to like horror movies. I don't know why but I just liked watching them even though its quite unusual because I am a girl. I also loved vampire movies but I later discovered that all these movies had their side effects. Firstly, I wasn't even getting any moral lesson by watching them. Secondly, it made me think of so many unusual things and kept fear in my heart but I still continued watching thm. I just felt they were more interesting than the normal movies. But of recent, I have discovered that by just watching movies that speak against the word of God is a sin on its own.

I loved watching romantic movies. Just give me a movie with enough love and romance, I had appreciate you. But, I also spoke to people against watching pornography and that it had side effects but recently, I sat to think of it. There was absolutely no difference between I and people that watched pornography. Why? Most of these romantic movies were enough porn on its own. What would you say about the movie, SPARTACUS? So, I felt filthy and obviously, it built up wordly thoughts in my mind. Then I realized that I had been sinning all these while.

Remember what God told us in His word? The book of Moses says that if you sleep with another man's wife, you have committed adultery but the new testament says that by just thinking it in your heart, you have committed it already! I was just thinking about recently and I realized that the same thing might just apply to fornication. You might not have to sleep with someone to commit fornication but by just undressing the person in your mind, you have done it already.

We therefore have to be very careful about the kind of movies we watch. As Christians, we are called to be DIFFERENT. We didn't become Christians to join the world but to be separate, different and lead the unsaved to the path of righteousness. So therefore, we wont obviously watch the same movies with others. We have to be very selected so we can guard our thoughts and heart.

My Five Best Gospel Movies include -


New Hope is one must - watch movie that everyone needs to see. You can download it on the internet or buy it. Its a very great movie that tells the story of a young guy who is the son of a Preacher. He feels very bad because people tease him with it and he cant do most things people of his age do. Things get worse when he joins a basketball team and meets his worse nightmare, a guy who hates him so much for no reason. He falls in love with a girl and everything isn't working for him. He decides to instead follow the way of God as his parents had always taught him and he ended up changing situations for good with the help of God.

One thing I learnt from this movie emphasizes on 'Parenting'. This guy was facing so many troubles and indecision but his parents understood him, corrected him with sincere love and this kept him on the right path.

This is a MUST - WATCH Movie! Please go see it!


This is a popular movie and if you haven't seen it, you just need to go see it. It centres on the life of a young student who faces problems with his professor in college who tries hard to frustrate him and prove that God doesn't exist. He knew deep within him that indeed God existed but due to his loss, he decided to speak against God and shove off the existence of God to his students. No one was able to speak against this man except this particular guy and it paid off well but unfortunately, the professor dies.

One thing I learnt in this movie is been able to defend the faith at all times to whomever and wherever. Jesus said if we are ashamed of Him while we are on earth, He too will be ashamed of us before the Father. We must defend what we believe in as Fearless Christians.

This is a MUST - WATCH Movie. Please go see it!


This is a very lovely movie that inspired my song titled 'Forgive and Forget'. To get the lyrics and tune of the song, watch the video on my you tube channel - @Emete Smart. The movie centres on a young girl who was adopted. Her real mom had tried to abort her but the process failed. She was born quite too early and is a twin. Her twin brother dies and she is saved by her present family. She goes with her best friend who later falls in love with her in search of her real mother in a very far away city. When she finally finds her, the woman is surprised and intentionally denies her. She is so sad and would not want to ever forgive her. She goes to the cathedral and the Pastor talks to her about the essence of forgiving because God forgave us and she finally forgives her original mother and moves on.

One thing I learnt in this movie is the essence of forgiveness. We do not have the power not to forgive but to forgive. God loved us and forgave us and told us to love and forgive others too. If we do not forgive others, we are sinning and God wont forgive us. Remember the Lord's Prayer?

   'Forgive us our trespasses even as we forgive those who trespass against us'

Are you still bearing unforgiveness in your heart? Now is the time to let go!

This is a MUST - WATCH Movie! Please go see it!


This Movie is ABSOLUTELY Awesome! I so much love this movie. It should have been number one but its still very okay as number two. It talks about a Christian chorister who prays for the salvation of her fiancĂ©. When he finally gets saved, she thinks he is too saved because he loves God too much and goes around preaching the gospel even in the restaurant. She becomes irritated and angry at his salvation and asks if he loves God more than her. Don't let me over gist you. Just go get it!


Anyone might have guessed this choice of movie and its the most popular Christian movie in the world but if you haven't seen it, please go do so. It just gives us an insight to the kind of treatment Jesus received and how He carried His cross and was crucified. It makes you think and ponder and CRY!

PLEASE go see this Movie if you haven't done so.


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