Blogging has gone a long way in becoming a medium for sharing your mind to the world. There are different types of blog. More than one person could own a fashion blog but would present fashion in different ways from their own perspective. Blogging has become a source of income for so many people. Linda Ikeji is a living testimony. Some blog to inspire people and share their experiences with the world.

So many people make big mistakes when it comes to blogging. All because linda ikeji is a billionaire through blogging doesn't mean you should rush to open just any blog. If you must blog, you must blog about what you are passionate about and be ready to be criticized. Be ready to check a post you uploaded five weeks ago say 'No Comment'. People get discouraged and dump their blogs. The fact that you check each day and find one person constantly checking your blog is a big encouragement. You must have passion for what you blog about. You have to know that linda ikeji never started a blog with the hope that she would be a billionaire. It was just something she loved and continued doing and luck shimmered on her.

I compiled a list of my 5 top blog sites I think you all should check out.


I am more than inspired because the owner of the blog is just 17. Its a fashion blog and she has the habit of being innovative. She brings on new things to her blog. Its not only a fashion blog but an inspirational blog. She makes fashion seem so easy. She makes it much fun. But I am not bothered about the fashion aspect but the inspirational aspect she added to it. Most importantly, because she does it at a young age and she is consistent. Please, visit her blog!


Its a website blog. Its a blog that is meant for budding entrepreneurs. As long as you are ready to go into business, this blog is meant for you. I am more glad that the owner has a passion for lifting poverty from Nigeria. He comes up with different ideas and doesn't make it any boring but he is continuously innovative. Please check his blog


I am not putting her blog on my list because its popular but because of one thing. She is a billionaire quite alright but that doesn't stop her from uploading posts consistently. She didn't bother employing staffs to help her blog but she at times keep late night to blog and satisfy the thousands of Nigerians who read her blog daily. Her blog has become more like a Newspaper. Again, she's innovative. She gives giveaways, she posts articles and she gives her readers the opportunity to feature on her blog. That's great! That's to say, no matter what level you reach in life, you don't delegate certain duties if not, your empire had come crumbling. If you haven't checked her blog today, do check it now.


I appreciate this blog because it is a Christian blog. It was created for the propagation of the Gospel. With the realization that Christ's coming is nearer than ever before, one needs to stick to blog like this. I appreciate the owner of this blog for not bringing secularity into the blog. The posts encourage you in Christ and are absolutely eye - opening. Please check it out


Assuredly, my blog would always be number one. It was created to share many things on my mind with the world with the aim of using my life experiences and thoughts to encourage, inspire and most importantly, connect people back to God, the maker. I try to be innovative and ask for opinions on how to serve my audience better even while sharing issues on my mind. My blog is open to comments and contributions. Its good to know I am a story teller and I break down issues through my stories. I know you are on to my blog already but if this post was shared to you, my blog address is

God bless!

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