I could not sleep well yesterday night. I was online doing so many things on my PC and replying incoming messages on my phone. It was exactly 3:28am and I was ready to sleep but sleep wasn't coming. It would be much wise to turn this insomnia to talk to God. Actually, I talk with God anytime I have the opportunity to and every second is an opportunity. But this time, I just didn't pray. I instead was thinking. Thinking about what?

I am one person that can imagine for Africa. Like I imagine so many odd things...maybe not odd though but many times I think I am the only one with my own kind of mind and thinking. So what was I thinking about this dark night? Its so funny but I was just thinking about Literature. Yes, Literature!

Why Literature? I don't know myself but that's to tell you how far I think...Lol. I was just thinking about something like this. Let me give you a scenario and maybe we can reason together. Read this chat very closely

A chat between two best friends on Facebook

Linda - Hi, dearie

Anita - Sweetheart, howdy

Linda - Am greaaaat! What are you doing?

Anita - Lol. Watching TV and chatting with you oooo

Linda - Ok. Don't let me disturb you. We would talk later.

Anita - Alright, byeeeee!


Linda - Hello Bae mi

Anita - Hi

Linda - Are you ok?

Anita - Yeap

Linda - You sure?

Anita - Sure. Why?

Linda - You sound not so happy

Anita - Hmm. Let me call you and we talk

Linda - Kk. Expecting it

So now, my question is how did Linda depict that Anita was sad? Someone might ask 'were you not taught tone and mood in poetry?' Of course I was but I just still wondered how the human mind and brain connect with words. That means to an extent, humans have some kind of powers we are yet to discover. Or how do you explain you and someone chatting. That person is laughing but you can read beyond the laughter that the person aint actually happy? Mind you, when I talk about humans having powers, I am not talking of all these cartoon stuffs or imaginary stuffs. I mean we have a very powerful mind that we are yet to figure out.

Okay. What about this scenario

Elvis is excited about his new school but obviously not excited about the long distance from his house to his school. His dad just lost his job and can no longer afford to pay for the School Bus Service. It would have been less pain if his car was still in good condition but it parked up few weeks ago.
On the first day, Elvis trekked to his school and back home after school feeling very tired, hungry and stressed out. He developed a little headache. It was the same thing for a whole week but on the second week, he was used to the road already and trekking now seemed much fun. He felt less tired and enjoyed it. On the third day, the road seemed like it was shorter and he had more fun. He would pick stones, throw it in the air, hop and run till he got to school. He often wished the school was farther.
On the fourth week, his dad disclosed that he had gotten a new job and had paid for the School Bus service. Elvis felt sad because he already enjoyed trekking to school. He had no say in his father's decision but would definitely miss trekking to school.

My question is how does the human brain do it? It happens to everyone. A very long road suddenly looks shorter after moved on for a certain while. I just think there is more to humans than we realize. Maybe psychologists could buttress further or scientists have a partial answer but assuredly, I slept off before I realized it!

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