Yesterday, I watch an Indian - Hindi Movie titled 'BAGHBAN' which means 'CARETAKER'. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you go watch it. It was done in 2003. This is one movie that touched me to my bone marrow . Everyone knows Indian movies mostly centre on 'Love' but after watching 'My Name is Khan' and now this movie, I have a different perspective and thinking.

Our Parents are Caretakers God kept over us while we are young and on the earth. God is the ultimate caretaker. We have to look at all and everything our parents have done for us and are still doing for us. We have to always remember the sacrifice they have made for us and are still making. We have to remember the amount of protection they have given to us and are still giving us. We have to absolutely appreciate their corrections and how they are still correcting us.

I must say, Parenting is one of the hardest task in the world. Parenting involves raising a new life to become a better life and making sure to bring the best out of that life because we all know that all parents would stand to give account of every of their children on judgement day. It is either we make the job easy or tedious for them.

Its not a matter of whether your parents are rich or not. We cannot do anything about that except to pray for a better future. The fact that your parents aren't rich doesn't give you the right to hate or disrespect them.

Many times, parents go to bed with empty stomachs just to make sure their children eat. Many times, parents fail to wear good clothes just to make sure their children have good clothes worn on. Many times, parents have to face the embarrassment of borrowing money from friends or banks so as to cater for their children. Parents go through a lot to the extent that they spend the last dime on their savings, that should have been used long after they retire, on their children.

We should always remember this and we must never forget them. When you are finally independent and own your business or start working, never forget them. When you start out your new family, never forget them. When you are making a financial plan at the end of the month, trying to see who you will spend and send money to, never forget them. When you are calling people to check on, never forget them. During Christmas and during the holidays, never forget them.

They have suffered too much on us to now forget them. Even if your parents are bill gates, they spent a lot of time training you. Even if they never had time for you, you still have no reason or excuse to forget them. Even if you feel you were never treated right, you have no excuse whatsoever to forget them. Most importantly, never be partial. Never choose or prefer a particular parent over another. Don't decide to take care of mommy and take care of daddy less. Even if you feel mommy loved you more, never take care of daddy less because mommy and daddy had to come together to bring you to the world. Mommy never did it alone.

Always send money to them. Never treat them like paupers or as if they are beggars. Send enough money to them. I don't expect a banker who is collecting 500,000 naira to send just 10,000 naira to his or her parents but many children do it. They are in other words telling their parents that they deserve little or nothing. God wont be happy with that. Always call them. Always visit them. Send gifts to them. At times, take them along when you travel out of the country or sponsor them on a private trip.

Parents are God's beloved. If we forget them, God wont be happy with us and it is equal to laying up curses for ourselves. Whatever we sow, we will reap. We will have children too! Lets start appreciating our parents if we haven't started doing so and when you get there, NEVER FORGET THEM!

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