'LAWYERS ARE LIARS' - They told me and I believed. Anyone I told about my ambition to be a Lawyer often suspected I must be a good liar. And when I lied, they laughed

'That's a lawyer in practice'

Why did I want to be a Lawyer?. I just wanted to help the helpless and hopeless. I wanted to help the widows and down - trodden and I aimed at restoring justice to the people. I didn't like the idea of the rich 'influencing' cases and then winning while the rights of poor is swerved aside. This really pricked me. But the problem was I was a very very veryyyy shy kid. I was never out - spoken as a kid and I hardly made friends. I was lucky that my personality was attractive and since I couldn't make friends, people wanted to make friends with me because I was loveable, very gentle, cute, friendly and always smiling. But the fact that I wasn't outspoken killed my dreams.

That was some over 9 years ago.

Now, I have a new conception. Nigerian Hair dressers and Tailors are far worse than Lawyers. JEEZ! I had this Ankara material - two actually. My dad gave me one and my mom gave me one too. I always wanted to sew them for a long time. I took them to school with the hope of sewing them but I was too busy and lazy to carry either of them to the nearest tailor. On getting home, my mom volunteered to sew them for me. I have a big flair for drawing and designing. So I thought out the style I wanted and drew it on a paper and gave my mom. I had a wedding to attend the coming Saturday so I had a high hope of wearing the sewn Ankara.

Days later, the Ankara was ready. You need to see the style I drew compared to the cloth she made! Let me list her offences out -

1. The cloth was far bigger than me

2. The cloth was not even close to my drawing

3. She charged much and gave my dress a bad look

The offences are almost innumerable!

  School resumed this Monday and I was so excited to go back to school because I work so hard at home. I am always on low cut and I just wanted to change my look. I knew my friends had appreciate that. Short hair is something I had always dreamt of making. So, I decided to make a short hair. I went to the salon and showed the hair dresser the picture of the short hair I wanted to make and she boasted she could do it pretty well and I was pretty excited!

The big moment came and she started making my hair and I just had to hide my sincere excitement. I couldn't wait to see how my face had look with short hair. I continually showed her the picture on my phone from time to time and I kept asking her if she still wanted to see it. At last, she was done and as I stared in the mirror, I saw something else. IT WAS A DISASTER!

I looked at her from the mirror. She seemed so tired. She had invested a lot of energy in making my hair and she hadn't even eatn yet. I felt sorry for her and I felt even more sorry for myself. This people charged so much to make rubbish for me! Let me list her offences -

1. She charged me much and made rubbish for me

2. The hair in the picture curled but mine was straight

3. I sat down for hours and the process really hurt me

4. She boasted she could made it and made absolute rubbish!

They all lied!

Its very fine not to know how to do something but my problem is why not just admit it. Lets look at these two scenarios.


'I want to make a peplum gown with this material', said miss orange

'Oh! That's great! But I have to be honest with you, I cannot really make a peplum gown. I am still learning to make it', miss apple admits

'okay. I had just ask the next tailor. Bye!'

'Yes. Please check back. I make really cool dresses too. Bye!'


'Hi. I want to make a peplum gown with this material, said miss blackberry

'Really? You have come to the right place! I make really nice peplum gowns! It would be ready in a week!', miss blueberry boasted

'That's great! I will drop it for you then. See you in a week!'

'You too!'

Obviously, Miss Blueberry ends up making a disaster of the peplum gown and Miss Blackberry never patronizes her ever again. In fact, she tells her friends, family and even strangers that ask her about Miss Blueberry and this brings a decrease in the number of customers that patronize Miss Blueberry.

But Miss Apple? She was very honest and sincere. Miss Orange had make the peplum gown elsewhere but when she needs to make another style, she would surely patronize Miss Apple because of her previous sincerity.

One thing about many Nigerian Hair Dressers and Tailors is that they lie too much and they boast of capacities and capabilities they do not have. This is very bad! They do it to keep customers without knowing they are painting a bad image for themselves and their business and even sending potential customers away. PLEASE, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!


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