It was a very dark night and she had poured out the leftover of the garri in a big bowl. Each of her little children that sat on the bare and warm floor had a broken white plastic spoon. She bit off the edge of the satchet water and poured it into the garri. The sugar was finished already and they would have to soak the garri like that. The second child spotted a tiny moving little thing in the garri and picked it up with her spoon. It was a fly.

'Mommy, see fly', the child cried out. Her neck was very thin and her eyes looked bigger than normal. The poor child was obviously malnourished.

'Throway it!', olajumoke shouted.

'Mommy,', the last child called. She was sweating profusely. The only thing that lit the jampacked one room apartment which wasn't even completed was the lantern that sat on the torn rug. The second child had spoilt the lamp they got as a gift from one of olajumoke's toasters and she had beaten her mercilessly. Now, they had to go back to using a lantern.

'Ki lo de?(What is it)', olajumoke asked and sneezed. Catarrh came running down. She quickly used her skirt to wipe it off.

'We have not eaten milk and sugar with garri since last year. When will we eat it?' the last child asked. She looked sad and her forehead was celotaped with sweat.

A stringe of sadness and silence fell In the room. There were tears building up in olajumoke's eyes. She was never trained in school like her mates. She never had wealthy parents. All her life was lived in poverty and grief. She was beautiful and gifted but it all ended in the house of her husband who wasn't well enough to take care of himself. She always wanted to go to school but 28 years gone already and that dream seemed no longer valid to her. She swallowed and smile.

'Nkan sele le ni(Something happened today)', she told her children. 'A woman is carry big photo to take a biiiiig man.' She smiled as she remembered the scene. 'The man is want to show body and me want to ko ja(pass). Me I just do pheeeeeewwwwwwww! I enter beside the man. The photo woman just do "shaka! shaka! kirishaka!" with the big photo in her hand' Her children laughed heartily as she gesticulated. It seemed very funny.

'You carry the bread?'the first child asked 'Be eni o(Yes o). I carry am! I enter photo like that'

'Me too I want to enter photo', the last child shouted, laughing, wringling her very skinny hands.

Olajumoke sighed. 'You ask when you go chop milk and garri and sugar. I no get money. I no get anybody. But I get God and if I get God, I get His Grace. Today fit bad as we dey chop and sweat inside no nepa but tomorrow dey carry our future wey get light yafunyafun. You go chop am tomorrow!'

The children clapped happily. They didn't understand what she had just said but they liked the fact that she assured them that there was going to be milk and sugar in their garri the next day. That was enough encouragement and excitement.

Morn came too quick. Olajumoke hadn't really sleep much. She had spent the entire night crying. Her husband was to return today and she only hoped for his work to yield increase so that they could gather the five thousand naira to pay for the last child's school fees.

  She tied her wrapper round her chest and joined the morning queue at the house of a rich man to get water. So many people were rushing and they pushed one another. Olajumoke seemed quiet and reserved. Ajoke, her friend hit her by the hand.

'Jumoke, ore mi(my friend)', she teased

'Ajoke, bawo ni(how are you)', she replied

'Mo wa pa o(I am fine o).', she answered. ' Mo n losi ikeja lo la(I am going to ikeja tomorrow)'

'Iyen na daa(That one too is good)', olajumoke answered. It was her turn already. She bent down to place her bucket under the fast running tap.

'O n sako fun baba sule abi (You are being proud towards daddy sule, right). O maa like e.(He likes you). Ati pe o lowo(And he has money). O ma to ju e(He will take care of you)'

Olajumoke carried her full bucket of water from the tap and placed it on her head while ajoke kept hers under the running tap. She faced ajoke. 'Ti Baba sule ba like mi, so fun pe ko fi mi le(If daddy sule likes me, tell him to leave me alone). Mo loko!(I have a husband)'

With these words, she left hastily. She could hear ajoke's long hiss. Baba sule had always been disturbing her since she and her family parked to that area of Lagos. She almost gave in when he promised to pay her children's school fees but on a second thought, she refused his proposal. She knew her husband would send her out if he got to know. She had nowhere to go.

She got to her house and kept the water beside a big drum. There was a black jeep parked in front of the house. She wondered who might have parked there. She removed the cloth she used to support the water on her head and entered the house.

 There was a slim woman sitted on the dirty cushion. There were two other ladies and a man. She remembered this slim woman. The slim woman got up to shook her hands.

 'Hi, I am TY Bello, a renown Nigerian Photographer. And you are?' Olajumoke couldn't almost believe her eyes. This was that same photographer that mistakenly snapped her along with a man when she had unknowingly photo bombed. Unknown to her, the picture had gone viral.

'My name is Olajumoke', she said. 'Owo mi dirty(my hand is dirty)'. She didn't want to shake the clean lady with her dirty hands.

TY Bello smiled, 'It's okay, dear. Do you remember me?'

'Yes ma. You are the one that is a photo a man' TY Bello and her associates laughed and Olajumoke smiled. She was excited about the moment.

'Yes! And that picture has spread round the country. Many people have it on their phone. Its all over the internet. Your appearance gave the picture a story. And I want to appreciate and thank you for being part of the Tinie Project. We would like you to follow us to the studio. Many Nigerians wanna meet with you and hear your story. You fit well as a model. You are going to model to the world!'

Olajumoke couldn't almost believe her ears. 'E mi!(Me). Who is me? I am Nobody. Aunty, are you joking?'

'No, she isnt', one of the ladies present said with a smile. 'You are about to get FAMOUS!'

'Infact, she is famous already,', the other lady said. 'She is about to be a superstar'

'That's the word!' TY Bello agreed. Olajumoke couldn't help but let the tears that had formed already flow out. She ran to hug her husband who was almost crying too. She hugged her children and whispered to the last child.

'I tell you we go drink milk, sugar and garri today. As long as yesterday is not our future, our tomorrow carry a bright future', she whispered and tears flowed out of the eyes of the last child. Tears of what was happening? Tears of the fact that she would finally have milk and sugar in her garri today.

She bade her family goodbye and followed the photographer into her car.

 Many people had gathered in front of their house already and they were all shocked and thanked God for her. Baba sule was present too. He looked dumbfounded. Perhaps he didn't understand what was going on.

The Jeep was so cold. She ran her hands round her body to cover herself. She tried to pinch herself to be sure she wasn't dreaming. It was all real! After few minutes, they got to a big and very beautiful building. So many people were there snapping and trying to get a glimpse of her. Her fortune had turned just overnight!

She was taken to the bathroom. She had a very cool bath. Her clothes were changed and the make up artiste did a make over for her. When she came out, everyone couldn't help but say a big 'WOW!'. She looked at the mirror and she almost couldn't recognize herself. Ola ti jumoke indeed.

TY Bello explained to her the concept of the photo and as she posed, so many thought ran across her mind.

All centred on God's Grace. She slept in a very beautiful room that had Air - Condition. She felt like a queen and cried all night, thanking God. She was given a phone to call her family and they were all glad.

The next day, she had breakfast with TY Bello and her crew. She also met with some other people. Everyone seemed to love her. TY Bello showed her different magazines and sites that carried her picture and story.

****************************************************************************** Olajumoke was almost through with her motivational speech. Some people were already crying in the hall.

'28 Years, I suffer. I work and work. My children and husband suffer. No food to eat. No work to do. I just carry bread and sell. Upon the suffer, I know tomorrow go always better. I no sabi anybody. I no know any body but I know one person wey pass everybody. Na God. God get Grace and that Grace position me to be at right place at right time. God look down from Heaven and remember me. He send my helper. God no dey late. If he say He go bless you, it no matter how long it go take, God go still bless you. No matter how long God take, His time na always the right time. Grace no be wetin u deserve. Grace na favour wey u no even deserve. Na wetin God give me. I want make Nigerians and Nigeria know this. Your today no be your tomorrow. You suffer today no be the end. You suffer today, believe you go enjoy tomorrow. Just hold on to God and His rare Grace. For Nigerians and Nigeria, IT GO BETTER! THANK YOU!' Everyone in the hall stood up to applaude her as she was led away from the podium.


 Lets not join those hating on Olajumoke Orisaguna. Its not about what she has done but about how long she has suffered. Her story is one of GRACE. She didn't go to look for it but in the comfort of her home, GRACE came to look for her. God's GRACE can position u strategically to be at the right place at the right time. Wait on God and you would be the next to be GRACED!
Lets celebrate OLAJUMOKE ORISAGUNA and wish her well.
Lets celebrate TY Bello for a Job well done!

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