Life is a big mystery. Life is one mystery man has never been able to fathom. For years, man has tried to place pieces of the puzzle of life together but the further life is dug into, the more mysterious it becomes. Its just like trying to know the end of a never ending road and the farther you get, the more longer it seems to become. In this confusion, man has determined not to be tagged as a failure by his fellow men and decided to build up a conclusion and theory that never existed. Most men have excitedly accepted these made-up conclusions and followed these confused men. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

There are so many questions that man has always asked and tried to sort answers to. One of such questions has to deal with the existence of 'GOD'. Does He really exist? If He does, why doesn't He speak to everyone? Why cant we see Him? Are you sure there really is a God? If there indeed is a God, who created Him? Where did He emanate from? Why did He create this world? Why did He choose to create me? This confusion has led to man building up various sects thereby creating a parallel division that has never been healed and may never be healed.

Some call themselves Christians. They say they have discovered who God is, He has walked and talked with them and has accepted them as His own special people. The Moslems voice their own view about Allah and the same applies to the traditionalists. In a world where there is confusion, others decide to wallow in the fact that there might not be any God after all and are tagged atheists. Who then do we believe?

I choose to believe that there is a GOD. One who is sitted in the Heavens in His own Glory. The creator of the Universe. He alone sustains the universe - the sun, the moon, the stars and all the planets, even space itself and so many things we are yet to find out as humans in this life. The God who oversees the affairs of men. The God that gives and takes at will. The God who creates and can decide to put an end to a thing at will. The God who sheweth mercy to whoever He pleases. The God who is the King of Glory. He created all for His pleasure. We are but pencils in the hand of the Creator. He can decide to break or make us. The Unquestionable God. The Incomparable God. The Immortal God.

The Bible makes us to understand that God only reveals to us what He decides to reveal to us. Therefore, we should not create apparitions of knowledge we do not have. However, God is a God of Love and this is extremely amazing! For God to decide to Love us even while we were yet sinners. The All - knowing God! The God who is Three in One! The All - Powerful God! He is absolutely unquestionable!

God has given man two choices - either to walk on the narrow path or walk on the broad path. The narrow path leads to eternal life from everlasting to everlasting. The broad path obviously leads to eternal destruction. God loves man but He has decided not to interfere in his choices. He has given us such a powerful tool - CHOICE. Our choice would either break or make us. What we have to understand is that everything we do in life all points to the choice we are making. Whether you are in school or working in an office or retired, every single step we take points to the choice we are making whether knowingly or unknowingly to us because as we are made to know, there is a book called the Book Of Life. Its either your name is in it or not. There is no two way about it.

However, the narrow path is one that many people never walked. The broad path comes with a lot of attractive packages but looking deeply, they are but ugly and destructive packages. Attractive packages like listening and dancing to secular music, dressing indecently all in the name of fashion, using of charms and deception etc. These packages look very attractive and catchy as the devil as positioned it at strategic positions as you walk the path but the narrow path comes with beautiful packages that seem unattractive. They are not unattractive but only seem unattractive. Many of the people that decided to walk and follow God in the Bible faced persecution, trials, tribulations etc but in the end, all is well that ends well. Even our Lord Jesus Christ wasn't left out as He was nailed to the cross. Only if those people knew...

With our power to choose, I advise we choose wisely. What shall it profit a man to gain the entire world and loose his soul in hell? Think wisely before you make a choice. To walk on the narrow path isn't easy but with the help of God, we shall finsh well and strong! Heaven is our Home in Jesus Name! We will never miss Heaven in Jesus Name!


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