One of the greatest struggle I have ever had to face in my life is that of tolerating others. I don't know if its me but I just think am the only person in the world who is just ME in every ramification. The fact that people are different and have different likes and dislikes makes things even worse. And the struggle is really real when people decide to make the process very tedious.

It started out with tolerating my sister. She isn't much of a nag but we seem just too different in absolutely everything. She is one person that expects the dishes to be done immediately after eating but I always want to take a long nap after eating before doing that and we always ended up fighting. She is one person that is so very secretive but always liked poking into my affairs and this really irritated me. She had pick up my phone and scroll through it but kept a password in hers. This gave us tough time and we were like cat and dog in the house. Everyone knew the smart sisters for their noise making and trouble.

Then, I got into the hostel for my Cambridge A'Level at Abeokuta, Ogun State in Nigeria and I came across people I had never met in my life. I had to live with people that were so different from me. We had too many differences. My bunk mate was the disorganized one who had leave her bed unkempt and never lay it back and this really annoyed me. Whenever I arranged our shoes under the bed, she always scattered it. I wasn't any perfect because I had my own side too because I know at times I did the scattering but hers was quite unbearable to me.

I was never used to group cooking but few times, my roommates had do group cooking. One thing was that if anyone cooked, the other roommates could ask for some to eat if they were yet to cook and I didn't find this funny because I didn't enjoy sharing my meal with others. The worst had to do with the problem of water. We always fetched water into our rooms but only God knows how, my water always kept disappearing. I was not just a victim of that but I at times did that too. I refused to consider the fact that I did something similar to that but I always screamed my head out when someone took my water.

Then I got into 100 level and I met the worse. I had a particular roommate that enjoyed taking your things without telling you. This really was a nightmare because I hated anyone taking my things without informing. I never took anybody's thing without informing them. It was just pure courtesy but this my roommate didn't see things that way. Another thing was that she was fond of 'yabbing' your things after using them. She often felt her stuff was the best and this caused a lot of trouble.

However, I gave all these a second thought and just like I wrote in an earlier post titled 'understanding my parents after a long time', it all balls down to understanding people. I just had to study and understand people around me and look for points were we meet rather than always pointing out points were we never meet. This helped me in my 200 level as I became even more tolerant of things I would never have taken and even right now in my 3rd year.

Tolerating people is a great struggle but once the point of understanding is fixed, there would be lesser problems. For example, I told my roommate that liked taking my things without telling me that I didn't like it and she reduced it to an extent. This is much better because if I kept yelling at her whenever she did so, she had assume I just hated her or something. Love and Communication is also very important in tolerating people.

In the process of not tolerating people, we sin because we get angry and say and do things that do not please God. Lets learn to kill the struggle and start tolerating other people.

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