I forever appreciate Nigerian Photographer, TY Bello for laying a solid foundation for other capable Nigerians to follow. So many people have thrown jabs at her and criticized her for over stretching the Olajumoke tingy as far as taking the lady to CNN. Many people do not see the big deal in the lady photo bombing a photo shoot. She's not a heroine to them and so the publicity stunt was never necessary. This would only be thought out by people that are preferable called 'HATERS' in the highest order because if you were in her shoes and Grace stumbled on you and then some people tried to stop it by calling it unnecessary, you would categorize them as your enemy. Why not stop being someone else's enemy.

I was on Instagram some weeks ago and I stumbled upon a picture of a guy called 'Nasir, the street barber'. It was an awesome sight. I don't care about his background but I care about the fact that he has given people a reason to consider 'standing up'. He goes from street to street giving people very nice haircuts. He could have just decided to get a shop and make money like other people but he decided to cater for the homeless and those that cant afford a cent per day.

Many times when I pass, I see so many homeless people on the streets of Lagos and Ogun State. They could be beggars or hawkers or those who help others carry load and collect just 50 naira. Now, there are so many Hausa people especially those that left their homes because of the boko haram attacks in the north. Most of them have unshaven beards and really bushy and smelly hair. If we had a 'Nasir' in Nigeria, these people could have been taken care of because they cannot afford the 500 naira some barbing shops charge to get a nice and clean haircut.

And then, a hawker who has suffered for only God knows how long meets her helper and some people start ranting. Why don't you look at the positive side of the story?

Why not we stand up to the task of helping the helpless around. Many times, its always easier said than done. We could advise others to help the helpless but we do not help the helpless ourselves. Jesus talked on helping the needy in the Bible. When the workers of iniquity ask Him how they didn't help Him, He would tell them that when the helpless came and they sent them away or ignored them, they were doing same for him. So, its a sin on its own.

I have cultivated the habit of helping and showing love to the helpless. So many times I could see someone who has been trekking under the sun while I am in a cab. The best I can do is offer to carry the person too without the person even asking. I feel that would go a long way. Many times, little kids or people had walk up to me and ask me for little dough and assuredly, I would give to them. I feel that goes a long way. Yet, its not even enough.

There are over a million people suffering in Africa right now and the best we can do is to offer help when the opportunity comes up. This would go a really really long way.

You don't have to be related to Buhari before you can help the needy. Giving to beggars is one step. And why don't you few times just dash these child hawkers some change? Yes, dash them. It could be 50 naira or even 500 naira! They would pray for you from the depth of their heart.

I remember when I was in 100 level, I followed a friend to the market. When I was done buying stuffs, I couldn't find my friend and it was getting darker. I just guessed she might have gone. So, I decided to leave. An elderly woman came and asked to carry my load. My load was so heavy bcause it included provision and foodstuff. She carried it for me all the way from a place called 'Bodija' in Ibadan to the front of my school. She was to collect perhaps a hundred and fifty naira and I had five hundred naira with me.

I went around seeking change for a long time but no one had. It was then it occurred to me that I better gave her the entire five hundred naira because I felt so bad that a woman old enough to be my mom was suffering so much. When I gave it to her, she almost knelt down for me and continuously blessed me. I was so elated and gisted my room mates.

Until you wear the shoe, you cannot know where it pinches. So many people are suffering and a hand of help would go a long way. It could be someone you never really gave attention. Someone that irritated you because they were smelly. Why not help someone today?

Its absolutely not about feeling yourself after helping them but about feeling God's love when you do so. They are God's people too. They are our brothers and sisters too. When we help them, we are putting a smile on their face and making God happy and proud. God helps us too when we need Him. We have to imitate the father.

Why not help someone today?

When we all stand up, we make God happy and we feel blessed and fulfilled.

When we see someone who stood up, we appreciate them.

Why not stand up and help someone today?

God bless you!

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