Life is not just an apparition. Life is not just like the wind but can be compared to the wind. They say life is in the blood but I tell you, life is in God. I used to watch different advertisements in the television whereby people come to seek assistance from the public so as to travel out of the country for a surgery or so. Sincerely, I do feel bad for such people but I still never appreciated the essence of the life God has given us.

I started my 2016 in a way that has never occurred and I am very sure God used it to teach me a very important life lesson. Late last year, something that had never happened to me occurred. I was sitted all alone in the house when suddenly I began to have grave difficulty in breathing. I tried so hard but it only turned out worse and I began to sweat and fight deeply for air and when my mom came, she tried to help and it later became normal. I assumed it was just a pass - off experience but it wasn't.

It continued like that for a while and I had to go to the hospital before the cross - over night and the doctor told me I had low blood pressure. This has never happened before! He told me to begin taking coffee and all which I started and it mellowed down and we all shouted a happy new year.

Surprisingly, it started again immediately after the new year and this time, it was absolutely terrible. I would have to undress totally so as to be able to breath and still, I would experience a hard time. One experience was so bad and I had to be rushed to the clinic in the middle of the night - in the evening.

I was in my sister's room and we were discussing when the attack started. It became so severe that my dad had to rush me to the hospital, passing through the dark road down to Allen Avenue in Lagos. My dad kept speaking in tongues while driving while my mom kept a watch over me at the back seat and so many times, I would close my eyes as if about to give up and she would scream. That's when my senses would become alert and I would open my eyes again.

I was so weak when we got to the hospital and the nurse there was even hostile in a way when my dad kept screaming 'EMERGENCY'. The doctor attended to us and for the first time in my life and by God's Grace, the last time, I was made to use an Oxygen Mask. It was placed over my nose and that was what made me breath normally again. I quietly watched my parents as they watched me almost in tears. I continued praying for God to spare my life and to the Glory of His name, He did!


Many of us think breathing is just normal and we don't understand what it means to have a breathing difficulty. I understand what it means, dearies and I tell you, its terrible! Breathing is a privilege! Waking up, seeing, hearing, talking, the ability to move, to sleep, to jump, to be alert and all - they are all privileges! We have to constantly thank God for these privileges!

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. If we stick closer to God, God will shield us in His love and the devil will not be able to come near us!

Lets appreciate life even more and thank God daily for our lives!

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