Some weeks back, I was with a good friend of mine. He seemed bitter because of the whole thing that had been happening to him and all I could do was console him with so many words of advice and words of wisdom. A friend in need is a friend indeed and so, I made sure we didn't leave till he felt better. However, one of the things he talked to me about was the fact that he once had a very brilliant idea and needed some dough to bring it into reality. So, he approached an angel investor, a rich man he knew, and told him about the idea. After doing that, the man called him later and told him he couldn't help him. That was enough to make him dishearten only for him to later find out that the man had started his business idea and was running it already without his knowledge. You know how Nigeria is now. Justice is not fair when it comes to a brawl between the rich and the ordinary. So, he didn't bother thinking twice. He left him for God and I consoled him.

Unknown to me, I was about to face something similar. Last week, I cooked up an idea that I have always wanted to put into place but I needed a business partner. So, I thought of who could possibly be a good business partner and so, I got one. He just finished doing his masters and he was my very good friend at the same time. So, I called him and told him I had business for him. He told me to come meet him somewhere in the faculty and I went to meet him. He was at the moment busy talking to some freshers. He was taking so much time and I had to interrupt his meeting because I had waited for almost an hour already. So, the fresher excused us and I sat to talk with him.

I explained the business idea to him and he really liked it and felt elated. He was even throwing strategies we could implement to make it very successful when we eventually carry it out. After the meeting, we concluded that we were now business partners. I was glad that he made sense out of the whole thing and we agreed to meet the next day to agree on some other things.

The following day came and he couldn't make it to the faculty, according to him. Up until yesterday, he kept cooking up excuse upon excuse on how busy he has gotten over a short time and he wont be able to see me and blah blah blah. Yes, it was blah blah blah indeed because before this time, he was never so busy. He was always in the faculty and I always saw him around and so suddenly, someone tells him about a great business idea and he becomes so busy. I couldn't take it any longer and so, I sent him a message yesterday telling him not to worry about the business again and he apologized that he had become so busy. Your bad, darl.

Now, two things must have happened. Its either he's sincerely busy which I greatly doubt or he saw sense in the business idea and has gone to carry it out behind me. You know how fraud-ish people could be. I have learnt a big lesson and I know someone reading this has learnt a lesson too. If you have a great business plan you want to carry out, kindly 'shush' till you have brought it into reality and if you will have to go into partnership with anyone, be sure the person is trustworthy and honest.

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