The last time I ever prayed in the bathroom from the bottom of my heart was about almost 8 years ago when there was a coup planned by some guys that wanted to take advantage of me. I was quite young then but then I knew Jesus works! And Yes, He worked again today!

During the Holidays, the anticipated book of life (an online journal that showcases the results of students in my university) came out and I checked my result. I know how much I read for my exams and my result didn't in anyway correlate with what I saw. But then, I felt bad but not so bad because I just knew that I serve the God that can change any result. There is no hopelessness in my God. So many people sent me messages asking me what happened and some attributed it to the fact that I didn't attend classes often in the last semester.

I almost felt bad but then, that assurance that I serve the living God kept coming to my heart and I simply smiled. Whenever people asked me my result, I would tell them but still add at the end that

    'I know this is not my real result. There must be a mistake or error somewhere'

My friend sent me a message and gisted me about her own poor result and how bad she had been feeling all along. There were too many people and things trying to weigh me down and make me feel bad but I kept assuring myself because I knew the devil was a liar.

At some point, I almost gave in and I almost cried. The book of life was indicating that I carried some courses over and I couldn't help but think. I was wondering what I would tell my juniors when I entered their class. How would they feel when they realize I carried over? How would people see me as? Some lazy fellow. No! No! No! This was just not my result!

I resumed and I needed to collect my transcript to see my result from the school itself but then when I went to find out, they were simply telling me stories. A friend alerted me that she knew one of our lecturers that she could sweet talk and make our transcript available to us. I followed her.

I must not forget to tell you that I prayed seriously in the bathroom before I went to class. I was almost crying. My new roommate is a Muslim and so, she might not condone serious prayers because of religious differences. My only solace was in the bathroom and I got that assurance again. I just told God to work this miracle for my parent's sake not my sake because my parents really have done so much for me and the best I could give them now is a good result.

When I got to the lecturers office, he looked at my transcript and told me

   'You need to work harder'

That was a bombshell! I should have felt bad immediately but No! I needed to see my results myself. He handed it over to me and I sat down to check and lo and behold, there were some mistakes in my result! They had failed to delete some courses I had initially deleted and so this accounted for the supposed carryovers that made my CGPA drop! I alerted him immediately and he realized this error and told me had make corrections.

I was so glad. This meant I had no carryovers and my CGPA automatically increased!


It doesn't matter the situation you are facing. It doesn't matter how hopeless your situation seems. The God that made dry bones live again is still very much alive! Kill off negativity and become positive in your words and assurance. Rest in Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith! He can do it only if you believe.


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