I am who I am today not because I deserve my level but because of God's Grace, Love and Mercy upon my life. I have grown to learn one important lesson about life - No matter the situation, God is involved!

I am the last child of my parents and I grew up to love comfort! I grew up without any disturbance or pain or stress and I was almost a spoilt kid! Spoilt with love, affection, care, money and everything. But one important thing is that I came to know God at a very early age. If you ever attended Rose Private College, Akute in Ogun State and you were in my set, you would know that I was a very vibrant and gentle Christian at such a young age.

I thought life was a bed of roses and I could never suffer! But then, when I got to secondary school. God looked down at me and said

     'I think its time for my baby girl to learn some life lessons'

See, every situation you are passing through right now depends on your mind set and your ability to see it as the building process and learning process.

Things began to happen and I didn't understand and I began to make mistakes. The first mistake I made was succumbing to peer pressure in JSS3. All my girlfriends had a boyfriend and I didn't have any. It wasn't as if I wasn't beautiful but my parents kept a close watch - life of a pastor's kid! At last, I decided to try it out and it was a blatant failure.

The first lesson God taught me had to do with my relationship and emotional life. So, seeing my first set of relationship with boyfriends and normal friends pass was quite disturbing. I had a lot of friends as a kid but then, I had an anger issue. I had a problem being too close to people. Not because of anything but I didn't just fancy seeing the same face all the time and this brought problems.

And then, God taught me human relations. I had too many best friends from Primary even to university and all went down the drain because I couldn't cope with someone loving me too much! That's strange, right? But I wasn't just used to it. God taught me how to care and love people and respect them and understand them and talk to people in a good way.

I always had a money management problem since I was a kid. I was a reckless spender and I one day thought it was a spiritual problem. The greatest mistake I have ever made in my life that really affected me to my bone marrow had to do with the issue of money. I could spend 20k in a day and yes, I am serious! Money just knew how to grow wings in my hands and when I talked to God about it, He taught me another lesson. Experience is the best teacher but its always good to learn from the mistake of others rather than experience it. I learnt the hardest way!

And then, God started training me spiritually. I know God has a plan for my life and so, He concentrated more on my spiritual life. Now, you cannot speak with me for a day without me mentioning the God factor. God taught me how to love Him, understand Him, fear Him and worship Him. I tell you, He is still teaching me. I see God as my best friend because so many times when am alone, I communicate with Him like am talking to someone physically and I just start laughing or thanking Him and someone passing might think am crazy. I have such a beautiful relationship with God but He sure knows how to chastise when I start going against His will.

God also began to build me up mentally. He began bringing different people my way who just suddenly gained interested in me, love me and invest time talking and sharing wisdom with me. Many people say I talk and reason far maturely than my age and I just know its God, even though its part of the end time prophecy which says 'knowledge shall be increased' and all. God has used so many life experiences to teach me different lessons and I am forever grateful and thankful.

What I have passed through is enough for me to get angry with God and ask him why He allowed all those to happen to me but instead, I daily appreciate Him because if we don't pass through some things, we might not understand and value some things.

God taught me how to be bold and different in a good way. God taught me uniqueness. He taught me never to care about what others say about me that is against the will and word of God but what God has to say about me. I used to be the shyest person I know but God up-ed my game and made me bold and fearless. I always wanted to be a guy. I was at some point a tom-boy but God taught me to appreciate myself and my gender. I am one person that gets so excited in the midst of friends and I could say funny things and make everyone laugh and divulge secrets but God taught me to tame my tongue and put a stop to some conversations. God indeed is the greatest teacher!

So, no matter what you are going through even if its health wise, GOD IS INVOLVED! I have a great testimony I will share later today and this made me appreciate the life God has given us even more. Do not be angry with God because you failed in school or because things aren't working or because you have a bad health or because something is wrong. See it as life building process. The devil will want you to see it as a problem but no, its the building process. Appreciate God instead because He really cares and is ready to come in when you genuinely call upon Him!

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