Hey, guys. This is me tendering my apology to every reader and follower of my blog for not updating for like two days now. Guys, I have been so busy and stressed out. Too many things have happened and all but hey, I am kinda thinking about it now. This is the difference between linda ikeji and so many bloggers. Linda Ikeji doesn't go a day without putting something or cooking up something for her readers because she has realized time is money and the more consistent you are, the more people get to trust your work. And I know I have been so busy and faced a lot in the past few days but linda does go through stuffs too but it doesn't affect her work. So this is me saying I am absolutely sorry, sweethearts and here comes my repentant heart.

So, talking about the so many things that happened already. Yes, too many things happened already dearies. Two major things happened from people I never expected. Like, it does happen. Some things happen in our lives from people we never even expected and we get this 'really' expression. Some might be positive and some might be negative but it all balls down to the fact that God is surely involved. He sees every thing we passing through and knows just when to come in and like I always say, God's time is always the perfect time. So, always wait on him regardless of the situation and we will all be fine.

I love God because He works in dynamic ways. Right now, am still laughing at the shocker I got from a friend. Its so surprising. Let me give u a little tip. Imagine a friend who is always fond of teasing and picking on you and all suddenly walks up to you and tells you he likes you. And that he's been watching your every move since forever and he feels now is the right time to blow the bomb. I was so dumbfounded and I still think he gotta be kidding me. Like right now, am so conscious because I don't know who is watching me. Its like 'all eyes on me' right now

Well, that's it. Hope you have been good and hope your weekend has been great and hope you went to church today. Tomorrow is another day. Stay blessed and stay productive! MUCH LOVE!

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