Ask people what the Church is to them and you will get series of funny but disturbing answers. The Church has become a playground to so many people. The Church is now like a school to many other people. A School in what sense? Too many young kids do not fancy the idea of going to school because they know they have to do the same thing all over again. That is from the morning assembly to class to break time to class and back home. Going to school was first a tedious job to them but now, they don't have to worry too much because it seems they have no choice. So, they just go and come. That's what the church is to so many people and that's why so many people are yet to be churched.

The Church is of God and it is the body of Christ. Your going to Church shouldn't seem like you are going to a school to do the usual routine but instead, there should be SINCERE excitement in your spirit when it comes to the Church of God.

The Church teaches us a lot of things. The Church helps with our spiritual growth. After being born again, you have to connect to a church for your spiritual growth. The church is a training ground and a teaching ground. The church is a hospital and a city of refuge. The Church gives us more information about what God has in stock for us and this is done through the Pastor or Evangelist or Bishop or anyone in charge of the Church.

However, there are many Christians who have been attending the Church for over five years and their life is not even a testimony of one who has been Churched! What does it mean to be Churched? To be Churched in this context means to allow and accept the truth and training offered by the Church, to apply them and live them. It is one thing to accept something. It is another thing to apply it and yet another thing to live it.

Judas was a disciple of Jesus Christ and every gathering of the 12 disciples with their master, Jesus, can be likened to a church gathering but Judas was never churched! Even Thomas who doubted seemed not to have been churched. The same is applicable to many of us.

You attend the Church, listen to the sermon and go home and people cant see a difference in your life. Some people's lives are so bad that people say

    'If that is what you are being taught in your church, I better not go to church'

The Church teaches to pay tithe but you never pay your tithe. The Church teaches to win souls but you have never won a soul since you were born again. The Church teaches honesty, integrity, love, the fruit of the Spirit but nothing is showing in your life. You might even be a worker in church and be a fornicator. You might be a chorister and be a prostitute. You might even be an assistant pastor and be a liar.

Jesus is coming back and He wants to meet a Church without stain or blemish (Ephesians 5 vs. 27). And don't forget that the Church isn't made of walls or buildings but the people make up the Church. You are the Church and you have to allow yourself to be Churched.

So many people get inspired when listening to sermons and so they scream

     'Ride on Pastor! Praise God! Hallelujah! Glory!'

But that's only for the moment. After that, the entire sermon fades off and they live their lives like they never went to Church. Don't live a life of sentiments but be true to yourself.


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