I never knew what it meant to be broke till I came to the university. University? No jor, it started out when I came in for my Cambridge A' Level. You know when you are at home, you tend to eat good food that would make you belle full but in school, the reverse is the case. There is always a time you will get broke no matter how much you try to manage your money. Money has wings o. They can fly anytime and even disappear. Yes, disappear. Its in the university where you will forget your money on your bed and when you return, you wont meet it there again and everyone would say the usual thing

     'Me I am not the one o'

That thing dey vex me ehn. If you are not the one, who is then the one? Abi money get wings or legs again? Anyway sha, God is watching all the people that have stolen my money and denied it - in 3D.

I have gotten so broke in school that I was unable to eat out or even afford 5Naira. It was that bad and it didn't happen once or twice o. I might want to turn it into a fast but seriously, I cannot deceive myself that I am fasting when I am not. So, I met this amazing friend in 100 level called Titi but I nicknamed her 'BoyGirl'. This babe dey cook anything o. She's a friend turned sister. She fit fry lizard for you and when you eat it, you will think you are in paradise. Lol. She is that good. So, she taught me some amazing meals


I know many of you are familiar with curry rice already but I never of about it till I got to Cambridge o. Who cooks curry rice? But my people, if boygirl cooks this food for you, you will kneel down and bless God. It go be like say you dey chop fried rice. Fried rice ke? Abeg, it sweet pass fried rice o. She knows how she does her stuff and her room is my spot, mehn. Trust me.


In UI, there is a food company called 'peppered rice'. Their peppered rice is good o but they cannot stand beside 'boygirl' but let me confess, her own na concoction peppered rice sha. Lol. If you are present when she's cooking it eh, you will almost say you will never taste it but when she's done, you will thank God for her life because she can mix things. She calls the end product her own jollof rice but ngwa, it is peppered rice o. Iffa hear say na jollof rice.


Many people love Egusi Soup. If you are from the Yoruba Tribe or you have been opportune to eat the Egusi soup, you will know it is really lovely but this my buygirl ehn, her own egusi is what I call - Egusi Special because the way she cooks it is sooooo different from the normal and usual way. Make I no lie, the taste actually differs but for the love of eba, one has no choice than to follow this easy procedure when one's pocket is reading RED


Notice the way I spelt it - 'spaghhoti'. She actually thinks its spaghetti she makes but nna, I call it spaghhoti because it comes with a comma in taste. She cooks it anyhow and in 5 minutes, her jollof spaghhoti is ready. It might not be the ultimate taste but when person eyes don enter, we would join the crew to enjoy the spaghhoti.


Hehehe. Yes o. Introducing the latest food - 'Indodo'. She thinks its indomie but I think its indodo and am sure when you taste it, you will know its actually This indomie no dey ready completely. You are just back from class around 3pm and you haven't eaten anything since morning. You trekked to class and trekked back and placed your indomie on the fire. You are almost running out of patience and you can no longer wait for it to ready. Sweetheart, just pour your grinded pepper anyhow and get the pot off the fire and chop it like that. NO TIME! Shey you can see why its indodo now.

All these food get comma o. They aren't the perfect meal but then, being broke has taught me to manage my resources to get food into my stomach. God knows I have chopped the choppable in school. With these total package in your stomach, just package and go to class and you wont look different from those that ate at tantalizers or ate at an amala joint. You will even look fresher than them sef. This is sha better than taking

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