My earlier post was all about the sex issue, a message to singles. I was sharp in my message and what the Bible says concerning fornication because God's word is 'yea' and 'amen'. However, it is one thing to hear something and another thing to apply or do what you have heard. Every year, different singles programmes are being held in Churches, crusades and different places and aside from being taught how to figure out the right partner, it still all balls down to the message of abstinence - abstinence from sex.

However, many 'abstain from sex' preachers make the mistake of only relaying to you the message of abstinence but never teaching you how to actually stay away from fornication. This is why even after so many people hear such messages, it only makes them remorse for the time been but after that, they go back to their vomit. In this post, I am going teach you how to break free from the act of fornication.

I want you to know firstly that fornication is a spirit. Don't think that I am one of those people that want to bore you with religious talks. I am being serious and trust me, I will clarify it with the word of God. Life is more spiritual than physical. And we deal with spirit - beings. Can you remember the story of king Saul in the Bible? About how a certain evil spirit had encompass him and make him feel terribly bad and disturbed. The only way he could set himself free for the moment was whenever David played his chord.

Likewise, fornication is a spirit. Adultery is a spirit. Anger is a spirit. Gluttony is a spirit. So, if you are a fornicator, have it at the back of your mind that it isn't just your own willful doing but the doing of an evil spirit. You have to be repentant. You have to want to break free. You have to be determined to be set free. God would do little or nothing in your life except you allow him to.

How then do you break free?

1. Be Born - Again. Its either you have never given your life to Christ or you need a rebirth. However the case, you have to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. Once you do this, He will come into your life and cleanse you of every strange, alien and foreign spirit that has been placed over you by the devil.

2. Be Sober. Being sober in this context means 'being sorry' and repentant. You have to acknowledge that the devil has held you down for too long and its time to break free.

3. Be Determined. No matter the potential you have, if you are not determined to succeed, you will never succeed. You have to be determined to break free.

4. Change your association - You have to know that peer pressure could influence you to continue having sex and your friends are the ones that give you most of the advice that has shaped your life and sex life too. If you have a group of fornicators whether as close friends, far friends or best friends, you just have to let them go for your own good except they decide to change too. If not, its a bye session.

5. Cut off your relationship with your sex partners - There is a high possibility that you have multiple sex partners. They could be close friends who are always there anytime you feel the urge or online partners you met or your girlfriend or boyfriend. You just have to do yourself the good of cutting off such relationships forever till they repent and be sure it is genuine repentance and not fake repentance just to draw you back to them. Remember, Friendship with the world is enmity with God. Who do you choose? God or your Friends? Be wise and Careful!

6. Break that relationship - It is very much possible that you were introduced into the act of fornication by your supposed boyfriend or girlfriend. He or She might have told you that the relationship cannot work without you guys having sex and you were gullible enough to say 'yes' because you don't want to loose their love. It is time to break that relationship! It will definitely hurt but it is worth it. One mistake we make is trying to bring back good memories. Don't even bother doing that because it will make breaking the relationship a hard task. Simply put a call through right now and tell him or her that if they still want the relationship, it has to be a no - sex thing. If they totally refuse, break the relationship, wish them well and move on!

7. Stay away from sexual areas - There are some areas you visit that can bring the hunger for sex back again. Stay away from those kind of places. They include bars where they sell drinks. You should expect nude ladies and sex - hungry men to be found around such areas. They include clubs. There is always a spirit of immorality in every club. You should expect nudity and sexual spirits around such places. Stay away! They include brothels. They include dark and private places with friends. Stay away!

8. Flee from every form of social immorality! - Like I said in my last post, sex is promoted through the media. You just have to take your hearts and eyes off such forms of immorality so that your healing can be absolute. You have to stop listening to that song! Whether its a love song or sex song or fast song or slow song or your favourite musician or the best beat you have heard. Simply delete those songs and download Christian songs that would take you to the right realm. Worldly and secular songs would only ruin you and your relationship with God.

9. Stop watching that movie - I know we all have our favourite movies but hey, if your fav contains clips of sexual scenes, why not delete it? Trust me, anytime you watch it, it will bring that urge and sexual thought back again. Do yourself the good of deleting it.

10. Stay away from pornography - I can remember vividly when I was in secondary school and one of my teachers told us that pornography wasn't for us but for people like him who are 18 and above. That is a lie form the pit of hell to ruin and deceive you. God's word is superior and you cannot find anywhere in the Bible that says porn is for 18 years and above. Porn is for no one and every one that creates and watches it have secured their free ticket to hell. I saw a post on instagram whereby a woman placed a picture of a face. The nose, ear and mouth of the face was intact but the eyes were filled with worms. She said God gave her that face in a vision and told her that is the face of everyone that watches pornography and that face can be likened to people found in hell fire. So, its like living hell on earth already. Pornography can be found in films, songs, books, magazines, billboards etc. You have to desist from looking at them and watching them because both you and the people in it are partakers of the same sin and abomination.

11. Stay away from self satisfaction - Many people make the mistake of satisfying themselves sexually since they don't want to have sex. All are classified under fornication. Masturbation is an embodiment of fornication. Any preacher that tells you to masturbate is an agent of the anti - Christ and one of the false preachers predicted. You have to throw away those sexual toys and stay away from masturbation in every kind!

12. Cleanse your thoughts - Some people feel that if they cannot do it, they can think it. Don't even think it! Because adultery was formerly having sex with another person while you are married but God has given us a new rule that just by thinking it in your heart, you have committed it! Don't bother thinking it because it will trigger you to do it. Send the devil away from your mind and tell him to stop toying with your mind. The devil is nothing. Resist him and he will flee!

13. Pray! - Prayer is the key and you have to realize that this is a spiritual warfare you are fighting. Yes, it is. I know you have heard of spiritual warfare so many times and you never thought that you had get involved in one. Now, you know. It is time to send the devil packing! You have to pray fervently about it and God will intervene!

14. Get Delivered! - You might not be able to do it on your own. You might not know the right way to go about praying. You can simply tell it to your pastor who will pray with you and organize a deliverance session for you. It might not be a deliverance session but he would lay his hands on you and command the sexual demon out of you. Yes, your case is that serious! Thank God you know early!

15. Stop saying those sexual words - I get very irritated when my friends hover around me and start using the f - word. I find it very offensive. If you are one of such, please desist from it. Stop talking dirty. It wont help you but only join to ruin you. Start talking positively and rightly. Let your words carry the power of God. Let your words be sanctified and filled with God's wisdom not human wisdom. Stop saying 'bitch' or 'slut' or all those rubbish words from the pit of hell. Remember, we will give account of every idle word we utter. Stop chatting dirty.

16. Change your wardrobe - It might sound funny but I have had to throw away so many of my clothes. If I find it offensive, indecent and wrong wearing it, I better not dash it out because I am promoting the sin of indecency to someone else. You might have to change your clothes that can trigger the wrong kind of attraction.

17. Read the word of God daily - God's word is life and the answer to all of our question. Soak your heart and mind in it and eat it! By doing so, all distractions would be killed and your heart will be placed solely in Christ.

18. Stop staying alone for too long - For now, its still the healing process. In fact, you have been healed but you have to stay away from being alone because an idle mind is the devil's workshop. If you are not sleeping, get busy or read God's word or pray or hang out with your Christian friends or stay in an open place or with your family but not alone because the devil can do a dirty job with your thoughts.

19. Get Monitored - You just need someone that will monitor you for now. It could be your parents or a Christian friend or your pastor or an elder or your fiancé or fiancée who is a good Christian. Just get monitored. Such a person would keep an eye on you, call you and would be there to listen and give you the right kind of advise. So you just have to tell someone about it.

20. Rely on the Holy Spirit - Breaking free is not an easy thing and trust me, you cannot do it on your own. You need the Holy Spirit to help you. Once you are born again, get baptized by water and by the Holy Spirit. He will help you!

I want to be sure that you have learnt something and these 20 points would serve as the right compass. I want you to know that your case is not the worst. You might have been molested or raped or abused and you just cant control yourself anymore. You might want to revenge on someone by engaging in random sex or you might just find sex as the ultimate fun. Its time to break free from such demonic stronghold. It wont be easy but it would be worth it. Do not give up! Even when you have been healed, that urge and temptation would still rise many times, please do not succumb. This is why you have to fill your heart and mind with God's word which would be the tool for fighting the devil! 2Corinthians 10 vs. 4

If you know your case has gotten so bad that you now have a spirit husband or wife - that is you sleep with someone in the dream, it is high time you tell your spiritual head - your pastor so that you can be delivered. Your time of restoration has come! And the chains of hell over your life will be broken in Jesus Name. AMEN

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