Many people in the world today have sold their souls already and this is why the number of people who believe in God is daily declining. People do not trust God any longer and they have sold their souls to the devil. The lack of patience is a great problem and that's why one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is Long Suffering. There are so many things you will have to patiently wait for and if you cannot learn to wait, you will end up in destruction.

We all have dreams and aspirations in life. We all want to be somebody and we do not want our names to disappear with the wind. We all want to make something out of nothing. All these are fine but you must recognize that beyond everything we wish for in this life, there is another place we will go to spend our eternity. This earth shouldn't be our ultimate goal. Heaven should be our ultimate goal. Everything we do must therefore be in sync with Heaven.

Films would show to us that there is a place where the wicked people reside - the witches and wizards - a place where they come together to hold meetings and all and there are some people that visit their agents - a priest or a herbalist. Many of us laugh when we watch these things but there are so many that still visit these people. There are so many people that are curious of their destinies and end up visiting these demonic places to have knowledge about it.

Some people still visit herbalists shrines. This may look like stale news to you but so many people still do it - even youths. With the advent of yahoo, so many people have gone into yahoo plus which is like money ritual just to make it in life and drive the biggest cars. So many people have joined occult groups just to have power and money.

So many people have sold their souls to the devil just to be where they are because they ran out of patience with God. Many mothers that couldn't give birth immediately visited such places to quicken such a procedure. So may people visit india and so many strange places so that they can keep their loved ones and make it really big. Some have entered into covenants just to keep relationships.

As ugly and stale these things are, they are still very rampant. But then God asked us a question in Mark 8 vs. 36

   'But what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul?'

That's to say - vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. No profit. Its just absolute loss. You don't have to sell your soul to achieve your dreams. Patiently wait on God and constantly pray and God will open His book of remembrance for your sake in Jesus Name. AMEN

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