So I ended up sleeping late again and I had to wake up early for an 8am class. Everything went on well and I didn't feel too sleepy unlike yesterday. After my 8am class, we had a one hour break before our 10am class and then 3 hours break. The break was too long and so I decided to spend it at a friend's shop - Daniel. He's a renown photographer at S.U.B in University of Ibadan. When it was almost 1am, I left for my class.

This class is like the most boring class we have in this semester and the sad part is that its a compulsory course which makes the class compulsory. So, I have no choice than to attend. If not, deleting the course wont be that bad. The class became so boring that people began to sleep. I was still trying to hold back sleep but when I saw people dozing off, I just had to concede and so I slept and dreamt.

After a while, the lecturer noticed I was sleeping and called the class attention to my side. I thank God my senses were still alert. So, I sat up immediately and so he asked me a question

    'What happened to the cows?'

I was dumbfounded because I wasn't even listening in the first place and so I couldn't place an answer. He told me to stand up and people started giggling.

     'I said what happened to the cow?'

I searched around to see if I would find an angel to whisper to me the answer and so, I found one - well, I thought I found one.

     'It was killed', fola, my class mate whispered to me

I was elated.

     'It was killed', I told my lecturer and everyone burst into laughter, including fola.

I was totally embarrassed and I wondered why they were laughing. My lecturer too laughed so much and instructed me to sit down and so, he narrated a story to us of how a similar thing happened to a young boy.

I really wanted to know the cause of the laughter and so I called my friend, kemi, who sat in my front.

     'There was no cow', kemi said. 'He wasn't talking about any cow. He only asked so as to wine you. You should have told him that he wasn't talking about any cow'

I understood now. I turned to look at fola. He buried his face in his palms and laughed very hard.

      'You now made me say the cow was killed abi?, I asked him with a sneer

      'Sorry na', he said amidst laughter.

      'I will do my own back sha', I said and faced front.

He laughed hard again. 'You know say me no go sleep deep like you'

Whatever that meant though. People kept laughing even after the class. It was really embarrassing. Fola is such a naughty guy.

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