When I woke up, I could barely see anything. My sight was still quite blur but then I could hear some voices whispering

    'She's awake', the familiar voice said

    'Oh, bless God!', another familiar voice said and I saw a figure walk up to me and touch my face.

The figure's hands were very warm. I wanted to see the person. I shut my eyes again and opened it. My vision was clearer now. It was my mom. Her eyes seemed quite red like she's been crying for a while. She was smiling.

     'Mom?', I said.

She held my hand tight and tears fell from her eyes. My dad came over to pat her.

     'I'm sorry, mom', I managed to say amidst tears.

     'My darling, don't be. Its not your fault', she said and kissed my hand.

I felt a little pain in my pelvis and as I tried to turn, my face hurt really bad.

     'Dad?', I called out.

He didn't move. He just smiled from where he stood.

     'Sweetheart, lets be thankful to God', he said 'God is an indeed merciful God and He has His ways of sending us helpers. Lets be ever grateful to Joseph, the mechanic, who found you lying in front of the house and raised an alarm'

At the point, I squeaked and my eyes were blood-shot.

    'He's such an amazing young man', my mom added 'People like Joseph should be awarded as heros in this country. He has done too many things for our family'

My heart was racing now. What were they talking about? Joseph? I began breathing heavily, so heavy that I was breathing out loud and I was shaking. My mom and dad became alarmed and my mom held me tight while my dad went to alert the nurses. A nurse rushed in and brought along an oxygen mask and placed it upon my face - my nose. I was struggling really hard and my heart hurt. I could hear my mom cry and different images came rushing back from my memory. I remembered Joseph smiling at me. I remembered him holding me tight and slapping me. My head began to hurt now and I became violent. I was almost pushing the oxygen mask away when I felt the nurse inject something into my veins.

I groaned out loud and fell back. There was a little silence.

     'Is she dead?????', I heard my mom scream to the nurse

     'No ma. She's only asleep', the nurse said and my memory went blank.

(...to be continued...)

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