I finally woke. I was sweating heavily and the fan made a 'Gwen' sound as it rolled. I didn't feel the effect of the fact that there was a fan present in the room. After been given so many drips, I felt relieved and for the first time in five days, I sat up. My dad was with me. He didn't go to work for the day and my mom had gone to check up on my younger sister at her boarding school. As I ate from the cooler, my mind kept going back to David and I just had to text him.

    'Leave your phone, jess', my dad said when I wanted to pick my phone. 'You are just getting yourself and pressing phone wont help matters'

I swallowed. 'Dad, I need to text a friend. It wont take 5 minutes', I said and he gave me a go - ahead.

I quickly sent him a text and he replied back almost immediately.

     'So, this is it jess?', he said in his text

     'David, am sorry. Something terrible happened and I have been hospitalized for like 5 days.', I replied

     'And you didn't bother telling me?', he said

     'I was in-between life and death, David. Only God made me survive. I couldn't move or do anything. Am sorry', I told him but he didn't reply.

I kept texting him but he didn't reply.

    'Its over 5 minutes now, jess', my dad alerted. 'Drop your phone and eat'

I slowly dropped my phone but what was the use since I had already lost my appetite? As I struggled to push the food down my mouth, tears rolled down my eyes and I could see the worried look on my dad's face.

    'Are you okay, jess? Should I call the doctor?', he said and sat beside me.

    'No dad', I said. 'Am fine. My eyes are just watery. That's all', I said and cleaned my eyes with the back of my hands.

I expected David to rather sympathize or empathize with me and not throw tantrums but why should I be surprised? That's what he was good at.

(...to be continued...)

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