I felt a very sharp pain in my head as I woke up. It spread round my body and I felt too weak to even say a word. I struggled to open my eyes and as usual, they were blur and became wet - wet with tears. I closed my eyes and the tears fell and I opened them again and I could see a bit more clearer. There was a woman in white standing beside me. She was smiling.

    'How are you feeling?', she asked and massaged my hair.

I wanted to say something but I couldnt speak. I just groaned.

    'Its okay if you cannot say anything', she said. 'Its just for a while.'

She tapped my hand to make sure the drip was still functioning. When she was sure, she took her tray and was about leaving when I held her hands. I didn't want her to leave. I was too scared to be alone. She turned back and smiled. She shrugged her hand off my grip and patted it.

    'Your parents would be here soon. I have to leave to attend to another patient', she said and left.

I tried to turn my head but it hurt badly and I couldn't help but let the tears fall from my eyes. What did Joseph do to me? Did he rape me or what? Did he beat me? Did he harm me or something? Why couldn't I remember what happened to me? I cried even more now. And what did he tell my parents? And what about david? David was all that mattered. I wondered what he must have thought. He must have thought I hadn't forgiven him and perhaps I was avoiding him on purpose. I only wished he knew.

The door flung open and my mom came in. She carried a cooler.

    'Jess, sweety', she said and kissed my forehead

    'Mom', I struggled to say.

    'You've been asleep all day. Am glad you are awake', she said and I just knew she had been crying all through.

    'I'm sorry, mom', I said

    'Stop saying that, please', she said and quickly cleaned the tears that fell almost immediately. 'You would be just fine'

I wanted to ask for my phone so I could see if david had called me but I also wanted to know what happened to me.

    'What did the doctor say happened to me?', I asked and my mom looked taken aback.

She smiled and tried to hide the fear and pain that crept unto her face.

    'Sweetheart, I made rice and plantain for you. Its your favourite. I know you like it hot'

I just knew she was trying to change the topic.

    'Mom, what did he say?', I asked again as tears formed in my eyes.

She stood up and sat on my bed. Tears fell freely from her eyes.

    'You were raped! You were gang raped, my baby', she said as she cried. 'We don't even know the number. Bless God for Joseph that found you', she said and held my hand in hers.

I was stiff. It was no use fighting back the tears that had formed in my eyes. My teeth clasped against itself. I felt like the air in the room wasn't circulating well again. I tried to breathe in but it became very difficult and my heart beat very fast at the same time. I struggled hard as my mom screamed to alert the nurses. A nurse rushed in and rushed out again to get the oxygen mask. My head became heavy as if too much blood was filling it. I closed my eyes tightly and struggled as the oxygen mask was placed over my nose. I groaned hard and I could hardly hear anything.

(...to be continued...)

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