I walked through a white passage. The passage was so white that it looked like the white was made of light and I had to dim my eyes a bit and after walking for a while, I got into a very beautiful garden. It was so beautiful! The most beautiful I had ever seen in my life. There were so many beautiful trees and flowers there and I could see from a distance a little river or perhaps, a stream and the water looked the purest! The air was just too cool and the place was very silent. The fruits from the trees looked very tasty and very ripe. I felt so relaxed as I walked through the garden. I wanted to pluck a fruit that looked somewhat like a mango when I felt someone was standing beside me.

I turned around immediately and saw a man that looked not too young neither did he look too old. He wore a very beautiful and white robe. The robe was so white and bright and looked like it was white light like the passage. He had a white hair too that looked very soft like wool. He was smiling - smiling at me.

    'Where am I?', I asked him.

    'Its time for you to go back, Jessica', he said

Go back? I couldn't place what he was trying to say.
    'I don't understand, sir', I said. 'Go back to where? This place is too beautiful. I don't want to go back to anywhere'

He smiled and stretched forth his hand and pointed to the left direction - maybe, my back. Immediately, a very strange and wild wind came. It was so wild that it transported me. I couldn't struggle against the strong wind and I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, they were blur and I could see strange figures. I fought hard to make my vision clearer and I closed it and opened it again. When I opened it, a drop of tears fell.

     'She has woken up!', my mom said and a nurse came to attend to me.

She checked my eyes and my pulse and my heart beat.

     'Its nothing to worry about, ma', the nurse said. 'She was just in a coma'

She took out an injection from her tray. She cleaned my right hand with a wet cotton and injected my hand. It was a bit painful and more tears came falling. My mom cried all through.

      'Let her rest a bit', the nurse said and turned to leave.

My mom stood up and obstructed her.

      'Miss Nurse, will my daughter be fine? That's all I need to know. She's been here for four days now and hasn't even sat up or said much. She just came back from a coma or whatever you call that', my mom was crying hard now.

     'Madam, calm down'

     'Don't tell me to calm down!', my mom screamed. 'If she were your daughter, will you calm down? What is happening? Let me know my fate because all what you people in this God forsaken hospital are good at is lying! Let me know my true fate or a mad woman would scatter this place right now!'

A doctor rushed in as my mother held the nurse.

     'This is a hospital, ma. Please calm down', the doctor said and held my mom back.

She shrugged off his grip and sat on the floor, crying hard. I cried too. This was not any funny. I wanted to stretch out my hand to her but I couldn't move them. My dad came in and the doctor went to meet him.

     'Mr Ibitayo, thank God you are here. Your daughter will be fine. We are doing and trying our possible best. Please talk to your wife. She has been causing a scene since your daughter woke up', the doctor said.

My dad sighed and shook his hands into his pocket. It seemed he was also trying to fight back the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

     'It is well, doctor. Please, save my daughter', he said and went to help my mom up.

(...to be continued...)

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