Our Fashion Inspo for women is this lovely pink princess gown by Best Grade New Fashion Sweet Women Dress 2015 Summer Ladies Golden Belted Mid-Summer Cloth. I know so many people might not like it armless. You could wear a short blazer on it too which makes it look official.

Tell me you like it simple too! I love people that dress simple and decent. Style is all about being comfortable in whatever you wear and still look classy and decent. So many guys have this top and trouser too but what made this guy look different? The way he wore it. He didn't wear it with pam slippers like some of our guys had do. Wear nice shoes. You don't need to buy a new one. Polish the one wey dey your wardrobe or cupboard. A dark sun shade and nice watch added to the uniqueness and made him look smart. One more thing, it is very fitted. No go wear baggy trouser or big shirt. All na packaging o. Make it fitted and look smart!

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