One of the major problems Christians face in this 21st century has to do with fashion. The Cloth Market is crying


But then, the word of God is our mirror and its screaming


Still, we cannot turn the Bible to cloth. I have found grave difficulty getting decent clothes in boutiques and even in the market and this has given me big time concern. I was so concerned when I went to one of the boutiques and so, I decided to enquire from the sales person and she told me that's what the market wants and indecent clothes sell faster so they get more of them and stock them. I couldn't even get a skirt that would stay above my knees and that's one of the reason I still have some skirts I wanna dispose.

I am this once in a while shopper. I could shop once in 3 months and so, when I shop, I prefer buying a lot of clothes because I know I wont do it in a long time. Anyway, I managed to cart home a crop top and a boogy - boogy shirt. I am a fan of big shirts because I sweat a lot and so when I have to wear it to class, I wear it with a leggings and the fact that its big allows air into my body system.

When the cloth market is crying indecency, what then do we as Christians do? It all depends on the way we wear them. I wore my crop top with a high waist skirt and so, there was no need to show skin (that is, my stomach). Someone else would have gotten that same crop top and worn it with a low waist trouser or skirt thereby revealing skin (stomach) and then your style begins to scream indecency.

But then, thanks to our gospel celebs that keep teaching us the true meaning of decency. People like lara George and sinach

But as for Nikky Laoye, I think she should change her wardrobe because she is gradually tilting towards indecency. I saw her on TV one day and I felt bad because of the way she dressed. She should give it an important thought and show us the right way to tread.

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