The General Overseer Of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God
Today, I feel humbled celebrating the 74th birthday of the life of a man of God who has with the help of God, touched the lives of millions all over the world!. He is a very humble man from a very humble background and his story is a testimony of GRACE. His life is a confirmation of the book of Jeremiah chapter one where God told Jeremiah that before he was born, God knew him. Indeed God knew this humble man before he was born and attached a very important purpose to his life and it is mostly pertinent to celebrate God's Grace and Mercy in his life because

1. He didn't stray from God's purpose for his life

2. He didn't stray from God's calling

He is the testimony of when a man kneels before God, he can stand before every man. And indeed, If you serve God diligently and with Holiness, you wont stand before mean men but before kings and indeed he is standing before kings and presidents from all over the world. Hallelujah!

He is one Pastor that is indeed a teacher of the word. He is also a prophet of God and God has worked many wonders through his life. I am a living testimony. I also bless God for the life of his family. It is one thing to be a man of God and another thing to have children that choose to be children of God. Looking at the Biblical example of Eli whose children ruined him and his entire family, one would indeed appreciate the children God gave to this man of God.

As they say, a woman is always behind every successful man. I cant fail to bless God over our mother in the Lord, Mummy G.O, Pastor Foluke Adeboye who has been his day one supporter and helper. A very prayerful woman who God favoured with such a blessed husband. We bless God for the life of Pastor Adeboye.

The best gift you can give him right now are your PRAYERS for him, his family and his ministry. Lets pray that God will keep him and just like Apostle Paul, he will be able to say he has ran the race and finished well. Like he told us at the redemption camp, he will appreciate every of your gifts but he will appreciate even more if you can monetize your gifts which will be used to support all upcoming programs such as the coming convention, congress and all other programs. You can send your cash gifts through online transfer and assuredly, God will bless and increase you. The best place to invest is surely in the house of the Most High!

Today, its less talking. Let the pictures do the talking! GOD BLESS YOU!


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