I have had to attend so many Nigerian Owambes that I wasn't invited to because someone I know was invited. So, I love weddings and trust me, I would always follow follow. But one thing I have noticed is that you might end up ignored because you weren't invited. You might most times be treated like the visitor you are and other times, you might be treated like a stranger and it dey pain body. It go come be like say you too over - do as you come attend the wedding. Well, good news o. You can now be relevant at a Nigerian owambe you weren't invited to. How?


Its most likely you didn't join your friend to buy the aso - ebi for the occasion. That's not a problem. Simply know the colour of the aso - ebi and wear an Ankara or cloth that has that same or similar colour. Make sure you package very well o. Wear matching heels and gele. Let your make - up be on point. Let your bag be very nice and let your perfume speak well of you. The packaging is needed so that no one would take advantage of you.


Don't walk zig - zag because you weren't the one that was invited. If you don't know, people are watching and so many people are ready to take advantage of you if you don't appear presentable. You don't need to cat walk but walk very well.


Don't make the mistake of going to sit at a table where you dont know those who are sitted. Sit on a table with familiar faces. It would make conversation easier and it would make you freer. You could contribute to issues that are been discussed on the table but contribute reasonably o. Don't say something like this

    'Aha, I like this wedding o. It is making sense. See how this place is fine ehn'

It would make you look bush. You don't need to form o but you have to realize that a wedding gathering could be a formal gathering too. People are watching. By contributing reasonably, you will attract the attention of reasonable people and exchange business cards...*wink* Also, don't laugh anyhow o.

And when the bride or groom's family is going round to greet people, don't let them pass you by o. Keep smiling and maintain eye contact with them. They have no choice than to greet you too. But if you are shy and you look elsewhere, they will skip you and greet others after you.


Talking well is part of good composure. Sitting well is part of good composure. You could take out your phone to check messages at few times or take a selfie...its allowed o so that you can always keep memories. Take a couple of pictures with your friend. You could take pictures of the bride and groom when they are coming in. Your body carriage is important. In fact, the way you look around is important. Common, act like the boss you are even if na okada carry you come.

If you are enjoying the music, you can decide to dance on your seat by making counted moves but don't disturb others by shaking the table or screaming the lyrics out. Always wear a smile.


The way you eat matters a lot too. Don't eat anyhow and don't say

    'Aunty, you have not served me o'

Don't turn it into a brawl. Be patient. The server will come to you and you can make your request silently. You don't have to shout about it. You could simply say

     'Pounded Yam and Egusi would be okay for me. Thanks'

That's simple and sensible. Rather than saying

    'I want pounded yam o and egusi with three meat. Make sure the meat is big o if not you will return it o..ehn ehn'

Who does that?

With these five rules, you will forever be relevant at every owambe or event you attend.

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