All the singles in the house, hiiiiii!

How are we?

First of all, I wanna ask - are you single and happy?. It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl. Happiness is a state of the mind. You just have to be single and happy. If your happiness comes from someone else then there is a problem. It doesn't matter if you just got a heart break or you seriously desire a relationship. It all starts from enjoying your singlehood. I will give you some tips on how to be single and happy.


Your mind-set is very important. You have to realize that no one can make you feel bad without your consent. You are the owner of You and only You can make You happy. You have to realize that you are single and therefore, you have to have your mind function independently. You have to see life differently. You have to know that your happiness doesn't depend on any man or woman but on yourself. Once you have dealt with your mind, you have no problem.


Being single is a plus for you and an added advantage. You don't have to think of calling anyone or sending a message or sorting out an issue or dressing up to please anyone. You are you and this is the best time to put your time to productivity because you can think even more clearly and create ideas. You can invent and be innovative. You can work at your best and establish yourself before someone starts knocking in your life. Be productive and be productively happy!

3. GO OUT!

You don't have to sit in your closet, wear rags and cry all day because you have no one aside from MTN and ETISALAT to call you or send you messages. You don't need that. If you are less busy, get dressed and go out! You may decide to go alone or in the company of friends. You could go watch a movie or go to the café to get a drink or travel or go somewhere fun! Don't behave as if the world has come to an end because you think you have no one. Who says Mr or Mrs Right wont show up wherever you decide to go? Go out and be happy!


Yes o! This is the best time to serve God fully because no one is on your neck. Why don't you take the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the lost? Save those that stagger to be slaughtered! You have the time - full time! Dedicate it to the service of God. Win souls for Christ and He will give you Joy and Happiness!


There is no extra point to note than for you to just be happy as a single person. You have to stay away from people that are pressurizing you. Take your time before stepping into any relationship. The world is all yours. Even if your parents are pressurizing you, tell them to pray for you instead. That's all you need. The pressure isn't needed.

So, grab a magazine, a cup of coffee and be happy!

This is your time! Use it to serve God instead!


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