I got to my office quick enough to meet with my manager but he wasn't on seat. I sighed and went back to my closet - my office. It looks more like a closet to me. I couldn't focus absolutely on my work. I really need to see the manager and sweet talk him to grant me another loan access. Obviously, it wont be easy but I can use the fact that he does really like me to my advantage.

Exactly 1:45pm, Mike, a close colleague, alerted me that the manager had just arrived the office. I said a word of prayer and went to see him immediately.

   'Mr Emeka Andar, how do you do?', he said as I walked in. He stretched his hand for a firm handshake.

   'I'm just great, sir', I said and waited till he gestured for me to take a sit. I took a deep breath as I sat down.

   'So, how are you, Emeka? I must apologize for not been able to make it to your wedding. The memory sure hurts and still haunts me but you know I had too many things to do at the head office at Abuja. I sincerely apologize.'

    'Its nothing, sir', I quickly said 'At least, you gave the entire office a day off to attend my wedding and you sent gifts. That's just enough sir. I must tell you sir, I am humbled!'

    'You are absolutely welcome. So how is your wife?'

    'She's very fine sir', I said

He smiled. 'I am sure you are the luckiest man on the planet right now. You must have a happy home right now'

I smiled sheepishly. Only if he knew...

     'We bless God, sir', I said

     'So then, what brings you to the office today? I signed for a one month leave for you since you just got married', he said and wore his glasses.

My heart went up.

     'Ye...Yes sir', I said and scratched my head. 'First of all, I want to appreciate you for your immense support and contribution to my wedding and most importantly, the loan you granted me. I am very grateful, sir. I came to seek your help once more, sir. I and my wife are planning a trip to London and right now, we cannot afford it according to what my bank account is reading. I would thereby need some cash and so, I decided to seek for a second loan and this time around, the re-pay for the loan can start next month. I don't mind'

The manager took off his glasses and gave me a deep look. He looked away and his face looked as if he was a bit disturbed. All the while, I kept praying hard. He coughed and finally looked at me. I sat forward immediately, anticipating his reply.

    'Mr Emeka', he started. 'Granting you another loan isn't a problem as you are someone I really like and admire for your hard work and total efficiency in this company. However, I was trying to reason out why you would want to go on a trip with your wife to a place you cannot afford. I know so many couples daydream about travelling out of the country but I see it as total madness to force something you cannot afford on yourself. I see you as a brother I can advise. When I got married three years ago, I had just gotten this job and couldn't afford any country outside the shores of Nigeria. I and my wife agreed to spend our honeymoon at Jos. There are so many great places in Nigeria . Its all about opening your heart and your eyes', he said


    'If you still insist, Mr Emeka, its no problem. I want you to think about it again and come back to tell me what you think', he interrupted.

There was nothing to think about. Sheila wont hear any of that.

    'Sir, I have thought about it already and I am ready to face the consequences of my action', I said even though I didn't really mean it.

The manager sighed. 'If you insist, Mr Emeka. You know the normal procedure. We should commence it as soon as possible'

My heart leaped for Joy!

    'Thank you, sir', I said and stood up. 'Thank you'

    'You are welcome', he said. I bowed and left his office.

    'YES!', I shouted and thanked God.


Emeka had left for work already. I sat on the couch and called my girlfriends. They were glad to hear my voice because we hadn't spoken since the wedding. We gisted, gossiped and laughed all through. Like we spoke for hours! God, I definitely miss them. I was still on phone when Emeka came home. I ran to hug him. He looked a little bit stressed out.

    'How was work?', I said and collected his suit.

    'Great', he said and fell on the couch. He was stressed out.

    'I'm famished, baby. Whats for lunch?', he asked

Oh my God! I hadn't even cooked yet! I was eating the left over pizza that I stocked in the fridge like three days ago.

I scratched my head. 'Lunch? Sweetheart, I didnt think you had come back this early', I said.

He looked puzzled and scoffed. 'Tell me you are definitely kidding me. You didn't think what? Like what have you been doing all day? Did you care to ask me this morning when I would be arriving?'

Typical Emeka! Always making things look worse than they seem.

    'Emeka, this is not so bad. We could just take a stroll down to Mr Biggs and get something to eat. Mr Biggs is just the next street'

    'Did you just say that?', he asked and there was a angry look on his face.

    'Say what?', I asked. I was pissed already.

He shook his head, hissed and walked away.

    'Like are you angry?', I shouted to him as he left.

I took a deep breath. Like how in Heavens did he expect me to know when he had arrive? Am I some CCTV or something? I was still reminiscing when he came down. He had changed to a jersey and shorts. He took his car keys and left. I wanted to call him back but it was obviously of no use.

( be continued...)

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