I got home after a very hectic but short day at work. I wanted to branch at a restaurant but what's the use when my wife could have prepared my meal already at home. Besides, there is no money to waste. Sheila ran to hug me and I just was too tired to reciprocate. I was not only tired, I was also seriously famished.

     'I'm famished, baby. What's for lunch?', I asked hoping to hear something like semo and egusi or amala and ewedu because I love Yoruba food but I got the biggest shock of my life.

     'Lunch? Sweetheart, I didn't think you had come back this early', she said and I thought I didn't hear well. She must be joking now but she actually wasn't joking.

After a brief argument, I left for my room. I was seriously angry, guys. Seriously, angry. I changed into a jersey and shorts and went back downstairs to take my car keys.

I drove round, looking for somewhere I could eat. I was considering a canteen when I remembered that Escalade Club was somewhere around. Escalade Club was the good old times, guys. That used to be where I and my friends had go to have a good time and it was through a lady I met at Escalade Club that introduced me to Sheila. Escalade Club is life!

Escalade Club was a 10 minutes drive. I pulled over at the check point.

    'Good Day, Sir', the security man said. 'Can I see your ID please?

I opened my checker and brought it out.

     'What of Sam?', I asked as the security man returned it back to me.

     'Sam? He no longer works here, sir. He left just last week.', he said

     'Wow', I exclaimed. 'Sam used to be my very good friend. What's your name?

     'John sir', the security man replied.

     'Alright John', I said and zoomed in.

Escalade Club hadn't changed much but there were some new buildings and on - going constructions. I smiled and went in. There were very few people inside the club, considering the fact that it was till day time. I went over to the bar and ordered for a drink. The bar man had also been changed. Everything and everyone had changed! I was still taking my drink when someone tapped me. It was Julius!

      'Someone tell me am dreaming!', I shouted with my mouth wide open.

      'Emekus baba!', Julius shouted and hugged me very tightly.

      'Julius - slim!', I shouted, totally amazed. He had also changed! He was now Julius - fat!

      'Mannnnnn, looong time!', he said and hugged me again. I nodded my head in total agreement and he sat on the stool adjacent to me. I ordered for two bottles of beer for him. While we sat, we still shook hands in amazement.

       'Julius, its been five years! Five good years!', I said as I gulped my drink.

He smiled.

       'If anyone ever told me we had still see, I go talk say na lie. Like we just lost contact after school and everyone patted their ways. Even that our group page wey oghenemute open sef, everybody comot themselves. I have really missed you, man'

       'Likewise me, dude. I still hear from david and Cecilia though but it seems the rest of you change number. Most especially you wey dey change number every three weeks', I said and we both laughed.

       'My bad, dude', Julius said and ordered for another drink. 'How has been life with you? Like after uni?

I sighed and finished my drink. 'Great man. What more can I say? I got married about three days ago and...'

      'Wait, Emeka', Julius interrupted. 'YOU! MARRIED?!'

      'No jokes, man', I said and showed off my wedding ring and he burst into laughter.

This is Julius for you. He never takes anything serious.

      'I'm so sorry, dude', he said amidst laughter. 'Am just surprised that you married already. Like you of all people! What did you say about early marriage and setting up your life before marriage? What happened to your rants about been a billionaire before marriage?'

Julius was right. I said all those things but that was back then in the university. Too many things have changed and too many things have happened.

       'I know right, Julius but we all say stuffs that we end up discarding. Aint no millionaire yet but am comfortable. Got a good job, a good house and a good car and all these deserve  a good wife to build a good family. Am 28, man. Time awaits no one. What about you?'

Julius laughed again and rubbed his hands.

      'Me? Well, life after school is obviously way different from life in school. Am tryna cope and meet up with Lagos standard. Am building my empire so I got no time for family distraction. I own a small tech company that helps with building websites, helping with online trade and other online stuffs for a fair amount.'

I starred at Julius for a while. Julius was one person that was curious about marriage while we were all in school and here he is 'building his empire'. And yes, he was involved with one chic like that in school.

       'What about Sewa? We all thought you guys had marry before anyone.'

His countenance changed. 'Lets just say our destinies weren't intertwined and that's all I can say about that. And who is your lucky woman?' His lips tilted to the left.

      'Her name is Sheila. Met her some three years ago through a friend I met in this club and we got hitched just three days ago'

      'Nice one, dude. You a lucky and fulfilled man. For me, I had just sit under the stars and wait for when I will get lucky with love. I will be 30 in November. Am no young man anymore'


Emeka hadn't returned home for over a hour now. Maybe I should have followed him or something. Where could he have gone? I felt so sad and no movie interested me. I tried calling his phone but the network was so bad and it kept telling me that the number I dialled is not reachable at the moment. That was just so frustrating!

At that moment, my mom called.

      'Wrong time, mom', I said to myself and picked. 'Hello, Mom

      'Sheila, how are you?', my mom said

      'Fine ma and you?'

      'Fine. How is everything and how is your husband?'

       'He is fine ma. How is daddy?'

       'He is fine. He sends his greetings. So how have you been and how have you been enjoying your marriage?'

I sighed. 'Whatever that means mom, I am good and my marriage is just fine'

       'Ok o. I just said I should check on you. We have really missed you at home. Hope everything is fine and hope there is no problem'

My mom is one person that panics at the slightest things. So, there was no need telling her anything.

       'No problem ma. Everything is fine. We thank God. Just keep praying for us', I said. We actually really needed it. It was too early to start having problems and just too early to start telling anyone about your problems.

       'Exactly, my daughter. I am always praying for you and your husband and I am also praying for God to favour you soon enough for you to get pregnant because that is the next thing'

I quizzed. 'Ok, mom. I have heard you.'

        'Give him the phone. Let me greet him'

I bit my lips. 'Erm, he went out to get something. He will be back soon. I will tell him you called'

        'Hmm, okay o. But don't allow him go out alone. Go with him everywhere. This is your romantic moment. Years later, things might not be like this'

        'Okay, mom. Thanks for calling', I said and hung up.

I threw the phone on the chair and rested back on the couch.

       'Emeka, where are you?' I said and sighed.

( be continued...)

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