Today was very interesting but still, very stressful. I didn't go to class today because I woke up very late and this was caused due to the fact that I watched film late night till early morning. Actually, I have watched the movie before but I have almost 500 movies on my laptop and I didn't really know which movie to watch. Most of them are new movies I haven't seen before and I wasn't sure which to pick because I didn't know which know which was interesting. So, I decided to watch an old Nigerian movie titled 'GIDI UP' starring O.C Ukeje and others. I slept around after 4 in the morn and this accounted for my late wake.

Anyway, I woke up and since I couldnt attend classes, I had to embark on an assignment I was given which I supposed to have done about a week ago. I called my cab driver, Mayor and he said he was at Ajibode in Ibadan. I called my second cab driver, Lamidi and his line was busy and so, I remembered the cab driver I met yesterday. I had met him a few months ago and he took up interest in my studies and advised I did my masters before thinking of marriage. So, I called him (Mr Ola) and he was quick to arrive.

Firstly, we went to FoodCo at Bodija in Ibadan. I had some stuffs to do there and after some minutes, I was done and joined him in the cab. Then, we went to Cocoa House at Dugbe and I entered lift after a long time. Am not a bush girl o but I think I prefer walking than entering a lift or better still, those moving stairs (I have forgotten the name) is far better because the lift just seems strange. It will first go up before it goes Again, I prayed silently that light doesn't go off suddenly because this is naija o. Anything can happen.

Anyway, after I was done at Dugbe, we went to Globacom Limited at Challenge and the person I came to see wasn't on seat and the security man present tried to help me out on how I could see him at a later date. Trust me, we gisted about other things. I told him and the other people present about how Ibadan was quite local and how there were less business opportunities in Ibadan due to the fact that many of them weren't exposed and he tried to defend Ibadan people. From there, only God knows what led to it, we started discussing about a guy that insists on me learning Yoruba and become fluent at it. I sha had a nice time and left.

When I got back into the cab, I was stressed out and Mr ola told me about a place at bodija where I could eat since I hadn't eaten all today. On our way, there was hold - up and we began discussing. I told him about how there were less business opportunities in Ibadan and at the same time, there were more business opportunities in Ibadan than Lagos just that it would take a business to boom faster in Lagos than Ibadan because the people plus their houses were local and not exposed. He concurred and I gisted him about my experiences.

I told him that I could never live in Ibadan and I told him my reasons. However, there was a way out. Ibadan could become as exposed as Lagos if four things are done and he listened fervently. I told him that if I was to tackle Ibadan, I would first tackle EDUCATION. I watched as so many kids rushed out of St Anne's School in bodija and this reminded me of public schools and how badly the kids are been treated and taught. We need more school provision by the government and even private individuals because these kids plus me, we are the future of tomorrow o.

I told him that there was a problem with the education system of Ibadan and Nigeria at large. Teachers prepare students for school and not for life and this is very wrong and that's why we are still where we are. Our schools need qualified teachers that wont only teach students how to succeed in school but succeed in life. This will give students a more prepared mind and would make them create and implement ideas for the betterment of the country.

The second thing I would tackle is the gap between the rich and the poor. The gap is just too much and I blamed the rich for this gap. I quoted a Bible verse that says the heart of man is desperately wicked. He tried to counter my point but I expasiated and told him why the rich was to blame. The rich complain that the poor people in their streets and society envy them and am like, why wont they envy them? The rich do not help the poor. I gave an example of my parents. Why don't my dad provide free water for those who don't have in the street? The rich people can make life easier for the poor by providing free water, clothes, even bags of rice during Christmas if they have and other measures.

Again, why do people wanna be rich? Everyone wanna e rich but not everyone would be rich. I feel if you want to be rich, it must have a purpose backed up with and to it. I wanna be rich not just to be rich for myself and family but also to help everyone around me. But then, too many people are selfish and I gave a biblical example of Tabitha also known as dorcas who helped the poor a lot when she was alive and when she died, people cried and begged the prophet to raise her back due to the good things she had been doing during her lifetime and God brought her back to life!

I then left Ibadan case and addressed Nigeria at large and said if I had the chance, I will cancel this political age gap. I mean the age qualification to become a president. I heard its 45 but common, that's still too old. Right now, a 73 year old man is ruling us because the system is damaged. Let the youths rule! The matured youths though because technology has damaged so many youths that even at 25, some youths still think like kids. I feel the age should begin from 30 or at most 35. Which one is 45? SMH

Lastly, I would utilise the resources we have in Nigeria. Bruce and others are clamouring for us to use Nigerian products but like I said on a status I uploaded on Facebook, before we can use Nigerian products, Nigerians must build integrity and be true to themselves. You go to the market and they are begging you to buy their products but when you do, a week after, the cloth or shoe damages. WHY?

I gave him an example of a made in Nigeria sandal I bought recently for 4000 naira and after a week, it damaged. 4000 Naira! And you are telling me to buy Nigerian made. Of course I will but please, they need to be true to themselves and produce quality. The government should also appreciate Nigerians that invent and innovate. When I was at home, a guy built a miniature plane and the best they could do was place him on Channels TV. I feel that guy should have trended even more than the Olajumoke Story but no one was talking about him. That's bad!

Government should invest in potential Nigerian technologists so that in the nearest future, we will be riding Nigerian cars too.

After the long gist, we finally got to my hostel. We sure had a fab day!

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