There are some people you get to meet and you stop to wonder why and how you ever got to meet such peeps. I have met so many people I term 'annoying' and it hasn't been funny in any way. They just tend to be totally annoying and this pisses me off a whole lot and I would just get my head stuck between my knees and pray silently that I don't loose my mind.

What's worse when your room mate falls under this category? Most of my room mates have been very annoying. Trust me, I have my own faults too - no one is above mistakes but then, they just cant stop being annoying even if its just for a second. And you know when you have to live with a totally annoying person, you end up getting annoyed.

Every time I have to get a new hostel I always pray that God gives me a favourable roommate. That has always been my prayer. I don't need a roommate that is above mistakes but just one that would always admit her mistakes, learn from it and move on but I tell you, that has not been the case o. From annoying roommates to annoying roommates and I have not found it funny.

Its easy to cope with annoying friends because you could just decide to avoid them for a while till they get their head back together but an annoying roommate? There is nothing worse than that. When I was doing my Cambridge A 'Level, I have had to scream too many times and get angry all the time because the annoying person just had to be my bunk mate.

And then, in 100 level at the university of Ibadan, my annoying roommate was also my bunk mate and two other roommates. I developed a scope. I would leave the room whenever I feel so vexed because if I will have to let out words, I will end up hurting people beyond expectation and trust me, words are eggs.

In 200 level, my annoying roommate was one of my roommates but later, after she got to understand me, we became cool and then, the baton passed over to my bunky. She did so many stuffs that on a normal account, I had scream my brains out but then, I learnt how to swallow things up. I learnt that I don't have to talk all the time. Most importantly, I learnt that there is a way you could reveal the state of your mind without getting the other party offended and trust me, that's what kept me cool with all my roommates.

And now in 300 level, I had to pray a special prayer when I discovered my roommate was a moslem and I will have to live all alone with her. Not just a moslem but a tomboy and trust me, the annoying person isn't any other person than her o. At first, she tried to play boss and strong head and I had just laugh in my heart and say

     'No matter what you do, I will never get offended'

I always ask myself

    'What will Jesus do?'

The best I can do is stay in my own zone and lane and be cool and quiet and never get offended and most times, I ask for God's help. I am hopeful that in my 400 level, God will grant my request for a favourable roommate. But then, what have I learnt?

Everyday, we meet annoying people and funny enough, we could be the annoying person in someone else's life. However the case may be, we should learn to firstly pray, accept, understand in other to cope with such annoying people. The devil is always strategizing ways to get you offended and angry and once you get angry, you have broken the edge and the serpent would bite.

Remember the story of Moses and how anger ruined his chance of entering the promise land. I once had an anger issue but when I cried out to God, he helped me overcome and now, I forgive too easily and I hardly get angry. The Bible says in Hebrews 12 vs. 14,

     'Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord'

May God help us all in Jesus Name. AMEN.


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