Today, so many things happened and I had to joggle through so many things and see so many people. I had no class till 3pm and before then, I went over to my faculty to see some peeps. Something happened yesterday and when I alerted my friends, they were all 'heys' and 'what happened' and all and I got so many calls and all. Peeps, the love was real! I just had to look at myself and thank God for giving me real friends that would always stand by me no matter the situation.

In the course of me awaiting a friend at my department, I made friends with a new guy. I assumed he was a fresher but he was actually a graduate from another university. He was even a corper sef and he was so cute. *winks* I guess am allowed to say the truth o. He had this amazing dimple and no way I was going to break the conversation. In the midst of the conversation, my class boys came and we all teased ourselves, joked and all. The guy I was waiting for called and I had to go so I gave this new guy my number. He didn't even want me to go sef but hey, I gotta run off dude!

So I saw my friend at the Nescafe Lounge and we spoke at length. We needed some privacy. So, I went into the Church Bus he rides and we spoke and he just made me laugh and forget all my worries. At some point, I saw my bestie 'Okakirikafor!' and we hailed each other. God knows I have missed him much! And then, he had classes and I had to leave.

From there, I went to the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agronomy to see a friend and a potential business partner. He came along with one of his friends and I made them laugh hard. lol. I used to think I was the biggest whiner but seriously, his friend whined me ehn and I fell. I followed my friend to his office. He is the General Secretary of his Faculty and just what I needed, there was AC. We spoke at length and had a really nice time. He shared his dreams with me and trust me, I believe absolutely in him. These are the kind of folks Nigeria is looking for. Ride on, dude!

Got back to the hostel and I got a message from another friend telling me to come see him. I called my cab driver and he took me down to Abadina. This friend is a great friend but at the same time, he's been going through some emotional drama ish and we just kept ranting through it all and all till I got a call from two other friends telling me they needed to see me and share in what I was going through. I really did cry at his house. Mind you, am a really emotional person but I could be too proud to show it in front of anyone.

At last, I got back to my hostel and one of my 'momcies' in IVCU Fellowship came to holla and collect films. In the course of doing that, we spoke at length and just what I needed, I needed to hear what God had to say about the matter and she broke it down to me. Guys, I feel so free and elated right now because her advise gave me life and the life came from the fact that the God - factor was in it.

She prayed with me and left. I feel so victorious because I am a daughter of God and nothing can weigh me down. I live in triumph! I live a life of favour because like Sinach said, I know who I am.

You need to discover who you truly are in Christ so that when you are faced with different situations that have tendencies of weighing you down, you would rather forge ahead because you know you are a victor already! HALLELUJAH! GLORY TO THE KING!

I also wanna use this medium to thank all my friends for all their love and support today. God bless you immensely. The Love was real! And yes, my birthday is APRIL 4!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

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