Since I came down to Ibadan, I have been looking for a place that looks like Lagos - like any part of Ibadan that would remind me of Lagos and I found the place. Its a place named Akobo. I only went there once but its really far from my school. You will have to pass Agbowo express and different places before getting there. The place tried anyway and at least, I could find modern houses. Its not like there are no modern houses in Ibadan o. Just that its a bit scanty.

And then, I heard that things in Ibadan are cheap. Don't let them deceive you o. I cant see the difference between the price of things in Lagos and the price of things here in Ibadan. I was discussing with my hair dresser and she told me that it is only food that is cheap in Ibadan. Nothing is cheap here. They are all the same normal price. And talking of food...hmm. I still cant place how food is cheap in Ibadan.

Things are relatively expensive in Nigeria right now and Ibadan is not an exception. One wrap of Amala or Fufu or Pounded Yam is fifty Naira which is the same price in Lagos. Meat is fifty Naira too. Its only on rare cases you will get twenty Naira meat. And the annoying part is that the fifty Naira meat often looks like ten Naira meat. When I was growing up in Ogun state, I used to but ten Naira meat and it was a bit big. That's the same size of fifty Naira meat here in Ibadan.

And when I thought I had enough already, I discovered that clothes here are even more expensive than clothes in Lagos. Most Ibadan people travel down to Lagos to buy clothes and then come back and double the price. I remember when I went to balogun market in lagos a long time ago and I got a gown and I think a shirt too. Both of them equated to 1,500 and they were good clothes!

There is one place ladies in my school always talk about. Its called Preboyes. They sell almost everything there from shoes to weaves to clothes to bags etc. I decided to just window shop and all and I had to run for my dear life o. There were cloth store there and I entered one and asked the price of one cloth that looks like okrika and she told me it was 10k. Like 10k!!! Ngwanu, I picked my slippers and ran for my dear life. But before I did so, I saw one gown my sister who works in Lagos bought recently.

So I asked the sales girl how much the cloth was and she called it 8k. That was how I got vexed. I just had to vex! That cloth is not worth more than 3k and they are selling it 8k! The girl told me to price it and I told her I would buy it 2,500 last but she said the last price was 4,500. Who says things are cheap in Ibadan? Ibadan has grown past that level o.

If you wanna  come down to Ibadan for holiday or for tourism or to live, make sure you to take extra cash because things are as expensive as in Lagos!

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