Of recent, I have been making a comparison between Ibadan and Lagos and one thing I noticed is the way Ibadan transport is being done. Transport in the sense that the manner in which their transport system is run. In Lagos, you are more careful while driving because you don't want LASTMA to stop you and embarrass you but down here in Ibadan, I think they have a similar system but it is not well organized.

We do hear of the way cars and trucks hit students when they are crossing. Like they just drive anyhow and I find it annoying. The other day, I was at Agbowo and I was on my own my own lane. Na so this cab just appeared from nowhere and almost hit me. I had to run back. The annoying thing is that they don't care. They wont apologize. All they are after is how to make enough dough for the day. And when you decide to speak out, you will be lashed with insults.

I think the Oyo State Government should seriously work on this because so many people have been hit down by uncaring and reckless drivers. I should commend the Ibadan Road Staffs that always stay on the road in order to control traffic in front of the University Of Ibadan. They are trying but I don't get why they always disappear around 7pm. They are the ones who always signal to vehicles to stop so we can cross and that's good but around 7pm, you wont see them again and that's disturbing because you have to fight your way to cross.

Anyway, I am glad that there are enough suya joints in Ibadan...yum! yum! Like I so much love suya but I had one nasty suya experience one day o. I would never forget it. I never knew all these mallams don't like correction.

Naso I and my friend dey return back to the hostel after a beautiful evening service on Tuesday at our church in school. So, we branched at Agbowo to get some things and we stopped at a suya joint. I noiced that the suya wasn't looking healthy. It had some irritating stuffs on it and so, I alerted the mallam and he asked me to show him the stuffs. I was still pointing and explaining when he brought out a small knife suddenly and wanted to shook me! I am so serious about this! Like, God saved me that day that I didn't stand so close to him. What could have been the story?

I think something should be done concerning all these mallams that carry daggers and small knives around. Its really dangerous! WHEEW!

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