I like Ibadan for one special thing - If you have money, you might not have to stress yourself too much because most companies have a delivery system. You always get a hotline to call if you need anything. So, most times I just sit in my room and dial a number and get whatever I want delivered at my doorstep. This accounts my staying indoors.

So, last semester, my friend got me Chicken and Chipsssss at Spices in the University Of Ibadan. Whoop! Whoop! It was fantastically yummy! And then, I promised to reciprocate by getting him pizza. He though I was joking. So, this semester, I decided to take him out to get pizza. We trekked from my faculty - Faculty of Arts to the school gate. He insisted that we walk because he was enjoying my company...hehehe. Boss Lady!

So, when we got to the gate, we took a bike down to the Dominos Pizza at Awolowo Avenue at Bodija. It was evening time. When I got there, the first thing that came to my mind was

    'This is so not Lagos'

I dont know why Lagos keeps popping in my head. I know some of you would be saying

    'You for go school in Lagos then'

Well, na una sabi ooo. But I think till Ibadan reaches the level of excellence, I will keep preaching it. Not like Lagos is perfect o. So, we were welcomed by a number of security guards and I just joked with them and we entered to get pizza.

So, he said he wanted 'Chicken Pizza' or whatever its called sha. So, I brought out my ATM card to pay. Thats how my ATM didnt work. AHA! I tried it several times but this First Bank ATM refused to work! Thats one experience I wont forget. All eyes were on me! To avoid embarassement, he brought out his own ATM and used it to pay instead. Chai, I was totally embarassed.

We sha sat down and the AC was making sense. They were showing 'Industry Night with Wizkid' on HipTv and he was excited about it. Well, my own mind was on the ATM ish and thank God I had cash with me. So it wont seem like I slyed him, I gave him cash. We took some drinks and when it was our turn, we went to collect our pizza and we left for school.

It was an interesting experience and I liked their customer service. I wont de - emphasize on the fact that Ibadan people are really friendly and Jovial. They always make you feel at home even though there is no place like home.

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